Monday, February 26, 2007

The Sick House

Yes, finally, we have a sick house.

After going all winter with hardly a cold, we have the dreaded flu epidemic. I have to admit that thankfully, it's not been as bad as I expected it to be.

Yesterday, Landon came down with it. A cold and fever.

This morning, Janae had it too.

Now this afternoon, top both of them off with a cough, achy joints and a real hard time maintaining a happy attitude and you get a full fledged illness.

I gave them both baths to help relax and soothe their sore muscles. When I told them they could run more water, I didn't expect Landon to turn it all the way to cold. But, that's just what he did.
I think he was trying to get their fevers down really fast. And, considering he doesn't seem to care for Tylenol too much, a cold bath was a good substitute, I guess.

I replaced their freezing water with a nice, warm bath again and left them to play with an ark, a Noah and a couple boats.

I guess things were going too calm in their nice, quiet bath tub so Landon tried convincing Janae that it was fun to have water dumped on her head. As she protested and wailed and hollered and gasped, he kept telling her how fun it was to have cup after cup repeatedly dumped on her head.
She was too "nice" to do it back to him so I poured water on his head so he'd know how fun it really was.

"Mom! Don't -- I'm SICK!" he protested under the stream of water. I guess in his mind that was a good enough reason to not get dumped with water but that logic didn't seem to include his sister, obviously.

As I strip a wet bed, disinfect a puke covered high chair, clean a heavily soiled bottom as the result of diarrhea, smear Kleenex on overflowing little noses, try keeping track of what meds are given when, figuring out who's taken their vitamins already, tackle the skill of opening a child proof Tylenol bottle with one hand while holding a thermometer under a hot arm with the other, comfort 2 weepy children on my already full lap and try to do a million other life saving tasks, I thank God that had it not been for that darling man that came into my life four years ago, I could be having a very monotonous and lonely day.

And though I'm trying to get actual work done today, you can imagine my defeat when Landon came out of his room a little bit ago, observed the array of suitcases, toys, shoes and luggage scattered all over the living room floor and then said,

"The house is really messy, Mom."

"It sure is," I agreed with him.

I'm hoping for better days really soon. After our nice weekend, today has been quite the contrary.

When all this weary toil and care is past, The Anniversary update is coming to a blog near you! Stay tuned.

The picture to the right was taken during the last morning of our anniversary get-a-way. The kids were with us for the second night. We wanted to have a mini-family vacation after our anniversary so kinda did a conjoined "holiday."

Here Landon and Janae are seen drinking their morning coffee milk (they think it's real coffee though) while watching traffic 4 stories down. Our State capitol is seen in the back ground.


joygirl said...

Oh, the poor things. I hope they get better soon. Give them a kiss from Auntie Hannah.

BrittLeigh said...

and a hug from Auntie Beemoo. Tell Landon he needs to hurry and get well soon so he can stop Thomas the Train at my house and then we can go to Georgia together and fall down (all guy & girl train drivers fall down I guess).

Coeur d'Court said...

Interesting Britt. I hope it's not a bad fall. I'll have to ask Landon about that.

I'm giving them kisses from Hannah and a hug from the beemoo. Thanks for the comments sisters!