Monday, February 26, 2007

...And To Patience, Godliness

The afternoon had gone all too perfect, considering the dilemmas the morning had brought. The only set-back had happened when soon after I tucked Landon in, I turned around and found him walking down the hall with a very concerned look on his face.

"Mom, I need to go to sleep with my Curious George," he informed me.

Unfortunately, Curious George had been a victim in a wet bed incident the night before and was still drying from his bath.

I put Landon back to bed, substituting Curious George with another monkey and a nice, plush cow. That seemed to do the trick.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet after Janae had, at long last, finally quit singing and gone to sleep.

But, knowing the abilities of my children to wreck havoc even in their sleep, I put off the task no longer and decided that it would be only wise for me to check on the sleeping darlings.

So, I went down the hall and found in Landon's room the perfect picture of sleep and rest. Nothing was amiss.

But, Janae's room was waiting with horrors untold.

I marvel that no matter how sick that child can be or how tired she is or how obedient and happy she can be, her actions can still be shocking.

Today she was sleeping in the nude. I didn't know who needed what more: me, patience or her, godliness.

Needless to say, both were quickly added and I put her back together, tucked her in and sent her back to dreamland.

Is there no rest for the weary today?


BrittLeigh said...

Hahaha... Stinker. Ah, still pulling those stunts?! Guess she gave up on the redressing... I remember the days of untangling arms out of tights, and legs out of sleeves, and pulling underwear off her head. LOL

Coeur d'Court said...

Oh, she still does that too Britt. Only today she fell asleep before she could get it all done.

Her latest thing is to take her clothes off and her doll's clothes and then put the doll's clothes on herself. Don't ask me how or why she does this. :)

Anonymous said...

The rest comes when they fall asleep in your arms with small smiles on their faces. and the love of all is felt as all 3 hearts beat as one

Anonymous said...

I just got to remember to sign i guess

Anonymous said...

Hopefully C. George is dry by today and Landon can enjoy his usual sleeping companion. Hoping both kidlets are feeling better also. A. Jean

Happymama said...

That is so funny. She just likes being naked, mom! LOL

I do hope they're feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

Your posts always bring a smile to my face and i remember why it's so wonderful being a mom! =) when are you due? I am June 25th.
Have a lovelly day!

Coeur d'Court said...

That would be restful Fred... if only they all would fall asleep at once. :)

Yes, Curious George was dry right away, Aunt Jean. He was ready to go to bed with Landon that night, thankfully.

I think you're right Kristi!

Jodiann... I didn't know you were pregnant! I'm due June 20th. So, we're really close. :)

Thanks for the comments everyone!