Sunday, January 28, 2007

On Fears And Feathers

Lend my child to any stranger
and let her sit on their lap
she'll never fear of danger
nor have concern for her life

Put her with dogs and cats of all sizes
hear her squeals and giggles
as her fate she surmises
is one of only joy and pure bliss

Send my child alone in the dark
and she'll skip through the room
like a soaring sky lark
never afraid of the unknown

Let this child go out into the cold
all by herself with no one around
she'll squeal with joyous tales untold
and cry when it's time to come inside

Scream of a bug threatening your feet
and she'll run to your side
and think it's quite neat
to have such a thing in her very own house

But, drop a light feather on her angelic face
and she'll shudder with fear and cover her eyes
a dark shadow crosses where the smile of grace
used to beckon dogs and strange stingy men

Peel back the hands that shut out the sight
of the white harmless feather
floating down like a kite
nearing the face of my sweet bubbly girl

Beware my friend for now you have done
the most hideous thing
to my dear darling one
for feathers we know are only to be feared


BrittLeigh said...

LOL, Janae Brooke! What a silly little goose. I love that (featherbrained--j/k) child!

Coeur d'Court said...

Yes, that's Janae Britt.:) But still the sweetest little thing at the same time.