Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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Christmas is over and the New Year is here. The deep, perplexing thought on my mind this new year is trying to figure out when the New Year is no longer considered "new." I assume as long as January lasts, the New Year is still considered an accurate description of the current time frame.

Before my blogger account expires from lack of use, I figured it was time to blog again. It's been a long time since I updated and even now as I try to "create post," my thoughts are being derailed by the 3 little pigs story playing in the back ground. Right now it's at the part where the little pig eats a delicious wolf stew. As long as Landon doesn't turn the tape over again, I should have some peace and quiet... at least I won't have to listen to the story for the 4th time this morning.

As I revel in the "peace and quiet," an aspiring farmer brings me his little green tractor and a twist tie. How early they learn to improvise and repair machinery. Or at least, give directions on how to repair it. Surprisingly, the farmer went on his way without me doing the fixing. But, I have an idea he's collecting all the broken tractors that need new hitches and will soon be bringing me his entire junk yard collection.

Still wafting in the air is the super glue aroma that is sealing down a broken tire. The truck is resting on it's side right here on the desk while we all patiently wait for the glue to dry and fully cure. I never knew how to use super glue until I became a mom. And with as much as I use it, I've considered giving large packages of it to new moms for baby shower gifts. It is definitely a life saver, tear stopper, toy fixer and the glue that in many cases will hold your child's entire collection of toys together.

As I reflect on the past month since I blogged, my mind seems to dwell on the little moments that make each day special.

Like this morning when I left the diningroom for a second and came back only to find Landon painstakingly placing Janae's scrambled egg on her spoon and carefully setting it on the plate all ready for her to scoop into her mouth. Acting as if he always does stuff like that, he nonchalantly sauntered back to his own bowl of cereal and went on talking about his day. If only he knew that he is only a year older than her and some day real soon, folks will wonder if they're twins or ask who is older. Still, he takes his big brother responsibility seriously and makes every effort to keep his little sister well taken care of and in her rightful place: the baby sister.

But then there are the times when he'll treat her as if she's years older than just 1. Like the day we were running errands and they were both back in their car seats chattering away. Suddenly, I hear Landon shockingly exclaim between giggles, "Are you serious, Janae?"

With the passing of Christmas, Landon has gained two new occupations: train conductor and photographer. He got a Thomas Train Set for Christmas from my family and has already ran several batteries out on it. He sleeps with Thomas, eats with Thomas and goes places with Thomas.

That was, until Grandpa gave him a little toy camera on a string of yarn.

Landon wore that camera around his neck all the way home from Wisconsin. As I was paying for our lunch at Subway, I glanced down and saw Landon focusing in on the check out lady with his camera. He seemed quite pleased with the pose and resulting photo. Then, as we headed down the interstate again, I heard him talking in his seat as he snacked on fruit leather.

"I need to take a picture of my candy in my mouth."

That was followed by what I presumed to be activity with the camera (power button, focusing and zooming) and then a pleased response...

"There, I got a picture of my candy in my mouth."

He took pictures of semis and all kinds of scenery. I'd love to see what his pictures turn out like. Unfortunatly, plastic toy cameras don't come with film or ways to reproduce photos. Maybe I should just lend him our own digital camera. The results would probably be worth the danger it would be to the camera itself.

Growing in our little girl is a cute little momma. Janae got a stroller and doll for Christmas and has evolved into quite the tender mother. She knows how to use blankets and wipes and car seats and will spend hours pushing her babies around in the stroller. Landon loves to be the daddy too although he tends to be a bit overbearing and will boss Janae around about what to do with her babies. She is ever compliant and quite the follower. But, every once in awhile, she'll put her foot down and let out a wail. Just so you know, we're encouraging communication other than wails and screams although for someone that doesn't speak english yet, it seems to be quite the challenge at times.

It's ironic to me how early humans have to learn to share. It's hard for every age, it seems. To give up what I want and let someone else have it is definitely a challenge. Especially if for some reason you already don't see eye-to-eye. (She derailed my train... He kidnapped my baby again... She won't leave my trucks alone... He just knocked me over.... She bit me... etc.)

Yet I have to smile at the ways I can get in a snit over seemingly nothing. Like lastnight when Toby kindly went grocery shopping with me and volunteered to captain the ever expanding cart full of food and kids. That alone is a big relief and thoughtful offer for this sciatic plagued, pregnant woman.

As we collected items from our list in the produce department, I would tell him what to get in one section then I would move on and examine apples or pick up other food while he put his list of things in the cart.

In my mind, the plan was that after he loaded up the things he knew what to get, he would come over to me and collect the arm load of food I had. But, in Toby's mind, there was no plan.

I'd look over to where he was with the kids and see him walk right past one of the things I told him to grab. So, I'd head over to where he was, remind him of the eggs again and then dump my load in the cart.

Then, I headed over to the potatoes as he selected the eggs and since he was lingering in that department, I assumed he found other things to get and was merely making his selection. So, I grabbed a big lug of lettuce and added that to the 10lbs of potatoes.

Toby was slowly walking down the aisle observing food and what not, so I decided that since he would shortly be coming my way, I'd grab two large heads of cabbage and make his trip really worthwhile. Just as I selected the perfect cabbage and added it to my 10lbs of potatoes and large lug of lettuce, I saw him turn and head out of the produce department and straight for the candy aisle.

"SWEETHEART!" I discreetly yelled across the store but to no avail. He slowly steered down the aisle and turned and went another way.


I dumped my whole armload of food in an empty orange box and limped across the store and chased him down.

"Where are you going, Sweetheart?" I sweetly asked in a reproving voice.

He turned around and with a twinkle in his eye said, "Oh, there you are... I couldn't find you."

"I was right behind you Darling with a huge load of stuff and watched you head straight over to the candy aisle the first chance you got."

He just rolled his eyes and kindly followed me.

In all truth, he just happened to head towards the candy aisle and hadn't planned on even looking at any at all -- he was simply looking for me. I guess sweet things make him think of me so that's why he went through the candy section looking for me. So, I steered him back to our pile of food and we finished collecting our list of items.

I actually laugh at situations like this but I know that if I choose to stop laughing, I won't see the funny side to reoccuring situations that we have all the time like this: the situation may not change but a sour attitude can make a world of difference. It's so fun to share life with the one you love, even when they may do things that could annoy you. It's all about attitude though.

Well, since starting this blog, I have saved many lives, fed starving people and mended broken hearts. I should feel well accomplished, you'd think. But, alas... projects, work and a tired little boy are calling me and compelling me to put an end to this leisure time at the computer and send me back to the high calling of motherhood.

So, with that I'll close for now and wish you all a Happy New Year while the new year lasts.


BrittLeigh said...

Aw, I can just tell that Landon's taking after his favorite Aunty Beemoo. Love reading about your life now that I'm not such a big part of it anymore ;)

Praying for you!!!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Your blog posts are so much fun to read -- Quality over Quantity! I enjoyed reading about your family's little adventures!

Coeur d'Court said...

Yes, Britt... I think you had an impact!

Well, I'm glad you enjoy my blogs even if they aren't very frequent, Elizabeth. :)

Thanks for the comments.