Friday, August 26, 2005

Who Are My Children?

The person in my son, who is he? What will he be some day? Will he be a loving big brother or will he enjoy provoking his younger siblings? Will he be a teachable young man? Where will God lead his life? What kind of husband and father will he be? Will he even ever marry? What will his beliefs be? Will I always agree with him after he's an adult? WHO am I raising in my son? And what will I raise him to be?

The person in my daughter, who is she? What kind of a woman will she become? Will she be the daughter I always dreamed I'd have? Did I turn out to be the woman my mom always wanted her first born daughter to be? What kind of wife and mom will my daughter be? Will she take after her mother? If so, what kind of example am I leaving? So often I look in the bright, tender and trusting blue eyes of my little girl and wonder if they will always have that innocent and cheery glow in them. Will even her husband someday see their unscarred beauty or will some circumstance effect their heavenly hue by then? What am I doing through my example to prepare my daughter for the perils of life?

The footsteps I leave, do I want my children to follow? The beacon of light my life reflects, is it bright enough to safely allow my children to chart their lives around the ragged rocks of life by? Are the vast, open and blank walls of their life worthy of my echo? Will I be blessed or cursed by the resounding waves of the returning echo I hear?

Who am I raising in my children? As the ages roll on, will folks utter in amazement at the person my child becomes and credit it back to how my child was raised or will they shake their heads in disbelief and say they can't believe anything good could be become of the example I left?

I'm always taken back by preachers of old who were true men of God. Its humbling to realize that each one had a mother who tucked them in bed everynight, read to them the Holy Scriptures and fed them their daily bread. Her example was a prominent influence in their life for either good or evil. And she showed her example while she cooked, cleaned, did laundry, related to their father and other people.

Who are my children and who is their mother making them into?

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