Friday, August 26, 2005

Definition of My Title

No, I'm not French. The reason I chose this title is because of why I chose to blog: I want to write down and record all my hidden ponderings and thoughts somewhere where I can trust my heart to share. The words on this planet in blogsphere will be straight from the Heart of Court.

It seems that wherever I bear my soul, I am confronted with opposition. Someone always has a better reason of why things should be this or that. I'm sick and tired of arguing. I'm fed up with someone else having a different way of looking at issues and why their way is THE right way. Anyone can defend what they believe and feel for certain in their heart that they have truly come to the full knowledge of knowing all the ins and outs and thus coming up with the one correct answer.

I have created a place where I can freely express my opinions, thoughts, fears, convictions and plans. No one can stop me or tell me their opinion before I've finished saying what I think. I guess for once in my life, I will not be interrupted while I speak my piece. Please feel free to express your comments but don't expect responses all the time. I am open to new ideas and thoughts but I will not be easily persuaded.

So, all that said, WELCOME to my site! I hope you don't mind reading my posts and will feel free to share your thoughts as well. Tell me what you think. I do want to know.


pop o'coeur :) said...

OK, but just what is the definition of coeur d'court? Literally, I mean.

Coeur d'Court said...

It's HEART OF COURT. "Coeur d'" is french for "heart of." Sorry I didn't make that clearer in the post.:-)

Rachel Marie said...

Hey, Court,
I hope you don't mind my visit to your visited mine, so I thought I'd return the favour!;)
I really like your blog! It's fun to read, and you've done a nice job!=)

Angela Emrich said...

Hmmm...wil blogger still notify you of a comment on a post that's over 3 years old? This is amazing. I can like, read the whole story of your life. Sorry, my blog will only tell you about the past year. And not that much about it. Anyway, just thought I'd see if you ever got this. You can come comment on mine now, it would make me feel special.