Friday, August 26, 2005

A Common Sin

I know we're not supposed to classify sins -- to God sin is sin. But a common sin amongst especially conservatives seems to get more and more prevailing. No, its not immodesty, jewelry, divorce and remarriage or unveiled women in prayer. Its judging.

It's funny how much scripture emphasises on the dangers of judging... not to judge ourselves among ourselves... that he who judges will be judged with the same judgement. etc. Why don't we seem to get this?

Why is it so easy to see the mote in our brother's eye around the beam in our own? Why do we expect grace and forgiveness for our own lives but don't you dare cross my line and expect ME to understand and forgive YOU?

I don't get it.

Why is it easier to see the lack of clothing on your leg but my attitude of judging is totally not an issue? How can I say I love God when I have an attitude of hatred for my brother because he does or says something?

Love covers a multitude of sin but oh my, you better not have a sin in your life or else I can't have love for you. I mean come on, if I overlook your sin, my Christian life is headed down a slippery slope! That mote in your eye is such an offense to me. Heaven forbid anyone should have such a large particle in their eye.

It's amazing that meanwhile I can actually see the light of day pass the beam lodged in my own eye.

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mom d' court said...

mom d' court said...
Just a few thoughts that were on my heart and thank you for taking time to read this. Feel free to share your thoughts as well.
~mom d' court

"In this the children of God are made manifest, and the children of the Devil: whosoever doeth righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another". 1 John 3:10-11

We are called to love our brother as ourselves, to lay down our lives for the brethren, to esteem others better then ourselves. Yet how few Christians do? I see instead many that would look with disdain at those that may not share the same standards. Even to go so far as to shun them and all the while feeling very pious, as if God was so pleased with their lofty views. How my heart breaks for this! I know how much damage it does to souls. I know how God hates the discord that this causes. Many instead, isolate themselves from the needy and will not associate themselves with them. Would to God that we could see how we are called to such a time as this…to build up those who are lacking in their faith (or whatever their need may be). The Apostle Paul himself was consumed with this burden/desire which was to strengthen and to build those things that were wanting in the Church. He longed for that even in his bowels and he said he wished himself to be accursed instead of someone else. What kind of love is that? And tell me, what could be more holy than that?

We hear so much about living a holy life yet do we even begin to understand what Gods’definition of holiness is? Are we willing to lay our lives down for others and to minister to all that are in need? Or do we just think it consists of our outward appearance?

Most of the Christians I see are not concerned for the lost nor even the Christian brethren that are in their midst. Instead, they are consumed with living a comfortable/rich life with all the luxuries, pleasures, and vacations that the world is striving for, maybe even more so. I too, have fallen under the spell and been guilty of that, somewhat. I have earnestly prayed for God to forgive me and set me free from the love of the world. And for Him to pour out his spirit on me afresh and I am once again experiencing that awesome love of God being shed abroad in my heart… thus enabling me to love even the unlovable. Now that is liberty! And that is truly the abundant life.

Cory ten Boon gives us a great example when she reached out her hand to the man who was responsible for her family’s death. Yet as she willing reached out to him, God poured out blessing upon her. Now just think what we miss when we refuse to reach out and love those around us who are not what we want them to be. Jesus was a friend to publicans and sinners and what better proof can I give but that?

May God help us to see our great calling and our ministry in this life that he has graciously given us. Hey, if we did, there might even be another great revival of God’s Spirit that would sweep our sin-sick nation. After all…God is LOVE and if we love others God dwells in us. (Read more on that in 1John 4:7-20)

Makes me wonder just how much we are missing out when we refuse to love and instead pick up stones and throw them at those who we think are less holy then us…Even Jesus said, "He that is without sin can throw the first stone".

So…the question that is who do we think we are anyway? The greatest among you will be the servant of ALL. May God open our self-righteous eyes to see how we have failed Him and cause us to repent of our selfish lives? And may we truly lay down our lives for others and then we will find that abundant life that we all have longed for. Then we will see souls saved and redeemed and walking uprightly with God. Then the Church will truly be …the body of Christ!

Our Father, which art in heaven, hollowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done

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