Monday, June 23, 2008

Landon Lines, Tierra Times

Time To Go
Landon had an urgent request... "Mom, Brittney wants us at her house really bad. They can't wait very long for us to get there."

A 7-yr-old's Research on 'The Old Days'
"Hey Courtney," my 7-year-old neice, Tierra, called from the back of the van. "Did you know that Fredda is from the old days?" (she was referring to her 70-some-year-old great-aunt.)

"Really? How do you know that?" I questioned.

"Because she got her sewing machine then and her sewing machine is from the old days," she informed me.

"Oh!" was all I could say, surprised at the logic.

"And she also lived in a house without lights," my neice went on. "And she had to get up during the night and feed cows and that's what they did in 'the old days.' "

They Do Hear What We Say
"Did you know your eyes are bigger than your stomach, Courtney?" Tierra informed me. Realizing her intention was to fill me in on an important fact, I didn't want to squelch her enthusiasm so I asked how she knew that. "Because my mom told me that once," was her honest answer.

Fire and Fier
"Why is there 'fire' in 'pacifier'?" Tierra asked me. (Try explaining that one.)

Dad Always Knows
Piping from the back seat, my niece Tierra had another question... "Hey Courtney, do you know the way from Omaha to Haiti?"

"No, I don't Tierra; do you?" I asked.

To which she replied, "No, I don't but I bet my dad does."

Grandma IS Older Than Mom
Tierra had another piece of (mis)information for me. Realizing she has learned that 30 IS younger than 31, I can understand that even a year to a 7-yr-old makes a big difference. It was still amusing to consider this "fact" from Tierra... "Courtney, did you know that my mom is 30 and my Grandma is 31?"


Jean said...

That last one is "priceless" I bet Grandma was really flattered.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your post this morning never thought of the things you mentioned about you and Toby but oh so true. Tierra well I could hear her as though she was sitting right here. I was laughing so hard that the man that is putting our heater in came around the corner and looked at me as though I had lost my mind.