Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just Another Day

All afternoon yesterday, my computer worked fine. Just fine. Even when I picked it up and set it down a couple times. I credit it to flipping it over and smacking the underside just hours prior to when it started functioning correctly. Today now, nothing on my computer is working. I saw my email screen for about 2.9 seconds and then the Code Blue screen took over from there. That's pretty much how it's been going ever since.

I read yesterday's paper today, minus the Sports section. I feel bad that with all the words that somebody takes time to put in the paper, it's doubtful that most papers get entirely read. I mean, who has time to read every word and section of the paper? I think the paper is slightly under rated; you should take time and learn about all the police calls and business changes that happen daily in your world, in your town and in your neighborhoods. You might be surprised -- even if it is day old news.

My mom called today to tell me she was having surgery this afternoon. Just like that... "How ya doin? What's goin' on? I'm having surgery today. How's your day?" Yeah. Basically like that. 536 miles really hurts today. Especially considering part of our route is under water in Iowa. Right before she called, I was reading in the paper how some Iowans are taking plane trips between towns that normally are 30 minutes apart on the road. But, with the flooding, the recommended detour takes hours. The plane ride results in about 15 minutes of travel time. Not bad but also not entirely promising when you have a van load of luggage and you NEED to drive on that stretch of road that would normally take minutes. I wonder if those little Cessnas would have luggage room for a Honda Odyssey?

Seriously though, the long distant family members advised me to not worry; this was an "outpatient" operation and would not be considered high risk. That's fine and I'm glad but really, the destination I'm thinking of that's at the end of that 536 miles feels like it may as well be at the other side of the globe. I want to go "home."

I woke up with a sore throat and most of the cold-like symptoms that go with a.... you guessed it: A Cold. Janae's lip is still swollen and kind of whitish but she's not complaining. Ironically enough, she just fell out of bed when I started writing about her lip. I've learned that with her, if she's critically injured, she doesn't really cry. So, if after hearing a thud and you notice there is no crying/wailing/sobbing or other injury related sounds, it is best to examine the scene and make sure she is okay. But, in the event you do hear sounds of "general displeasure," she's in fact and in deed perfectly fine. (It was the latter in her case today). If falling out of bed results in prolonging the impending naptime that usually comes with being in bed this time of day, she'll take that option.

Well, this post is rather disconnected and dismantled. I'm on the basement computer today so can find no inspiration from the windows I need to be motivated by while writing a blog. I know that's weird but really, this is another proven piece of evidence that supports my theory. So, chalk it up to that and the fact that last night, the cat caught a mouse just feet from where I'm sitting. Bless. her. heart. The world is one mouse short because of our cat.


Lady Ruth Ann said...

Glad Janae is doing better, and hope for continued improvement.

Wow, maybe the surgery wasn't so bad, or else it just had to hurry and be done. Maybe you can go visit your mom while she's recovering...you know, have to have a good excuse to go home!!

As far as the computer...I'm sorry, that's pretty bad. Hope it gets fixed soon. (oh that's right, you've already been to Best Buy, right???...why didn't you order it from Dell, and wait almost 2 months to receive it?? They didn't make friends with me either)

And yes, I can tell that by your blog posts lately they are different. They're lacking something, and I guess it's as you say it's all because you don't have a window to look out of. It's nice to have a reason for what's happening, then you don't have to think about that part of the situation. :)

Ahh well, still enjoyed the post, and hope the blue screen goes away...for good. :)

Jean said...

I can empathizes with you regarding wanting to be at "home" 500 plus miles away when your dear Mother is having surgery or any other stressing health issues. Many a time I lived through the same situation. I well remember the first time it happened when I was in nurses training in Minneapolis ( 250 + miles from Des Moines) - my silly younger brother called to report to me the out come and the first thing he said was "she didn't make it" to tease me - but of course it upset me a bit (however you see I haven't forgotten after nearly 40 years). I am glad to report that Mom lived happy and healthy many years after that incident and I am so thankful that at the time of her final illness and homecall I was able to be at her side quite a bit of the time.

" Be strong in the Lord" remember He is always with you and also with your dear Mother.

Drowner Pro said...

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time! I trust the surgery went well? One of my family had surgery recently and I couldnt be there - I made up for with prayers and phone calls!

If you get a snake, it'd also eat mouses.

Bonnie said...

I am from Iowa and it is quite bad. Thankfully this week is suppose to be a dry one and hopefully the sun will soak up most of the rain. I'm SO sorry about your mom having to have surgery. She will be in our prayers!!