Monday, June 16, 2008

How To Fit 4 Of Something Into 3 Of Something

At three-years-old, Janae has something I have never had: FOUR cavities. That's more cavities than years and probably the only time you can fit 4 into 3. I know... bad, bad. I can assure the "concerned" (judgemental) people that yes, she brushes her teeth daily and has been doing so for over a year. Actually, she gets help brushing her teeth so in case that concerns you as well, no, we do not put our child's dental health in their responsibility... at least not when our child is only 3.

So, she went to have 2 of her 4 cavities filled today and she did GREAT. Never cried or fought or resisted or screamed or pushed away or... you get the idea. She just laid there and smiled. And no, they didn't knock her out. It was just the old fashioned numb-the-gum with Novacaine!

BUT, on the way home, when she was just beyond my view in the rear view mirror, she chewed ravenously on her numb lip. Folks, she looks horrible. It's chewed, swollen and bloody.

Pray she heals fast because once the Novocaine wears off, she is in for one huge load of pain.

Oh, and we go back in 10 days to have the other 2 teeth filled. After this is all done, that's $534.00 worth of work done on teeth she will be putting under her pillow in a few years.


pat ve said...

What a coinquidink! I went to the dentist today as well. Got two fillings. I need two crowns. I told the gals at the desk I would schedule them for later. I would need to get a piece of cardboard and stand outside Wal-Mart, with my sign saying "I'll work for a crown"!
Just for interest, you should keep a tally of what you put into your kids' teeth.

Lady Ruth Ann said...

oh wow, I do hope that Janae gets better soon, that's tough on a 3 year old!! :0 I always disliked getting my fillings 'filled'...she seems to be a pretty tough sport. Although chewing on the lip sounds awfully painful. Keep us updated please, I'll pray for her (and you).

~ Ruth Ann

Jean said...

Ouch - I hope that J is as brave about the sore lip as the initial work on the teeth. Go easy on the salty and acidy food and drinks for a few days.