Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baby Elysha

We do everything to protect our children. To insure their health and safety. To keep them from harm. And to make them know without a doubt that we love them with a love that only a parent can have.

But, when you've done all you can and there's nothing more you can do, relinquishing a child; a little baby girl, to the Arms that created her precious life, has got to be the most heart breaking experience known to mankind.

Maybe it's because I have my own chubby baby just a few months older than Elysha that the thought of having to plan his funeral while he's still alive, makes it seem almost surreal to know that death is imminent. To know that time is so short, counting his breaths would be a treasure to cherish. And to know that memories are all I'll have in just a few short days.

Yet to remember that no matter how much a mother loves her child, God loves that child even more. And has a place not only in His heart but also in His kingdom where no harm can come to the child. Where all is peace and joy and love. I can't imagine knowing my child could be as safe as Elysha is destined to be in a few short days. But the aching arms left empty by her passing will need a sweet relief that only comes from The One who gives hope.

Even if you don't know this young family, keep them in your prayers.

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Sarah said...

Courtney, thankyou! You have such a way of putting into words feelings that are hard to express. Thank you for the reminder of the hope we have in Christ. In him alone we can have hope in the midst of suffering.