Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So Much To Say Yet Nothing At All

This blog has been sorely neglected.

I know if I don't post something soon, Blogger will shut me down.

Of course, Blogger hasn't done that to any blogs but I just know that if I let this blog go another day, they might decide to dust out a few neglected corners of their system and poof, I would be gone.

All because Blogger dusted, I would be gone.

Does Blogger dust?

Perhaps they do; perhaps they don't.

Either way, I haven't blogged lately.

And if I don't blog soon, Blogger will have every reason to dust me off.

Of course we haven't established the fact that they do dust but as mentioned already, in case they do, and in case they do it tonight, I should just give them reason not to dust me.

So, there's my blog.

I hope Blogger is happy.

And that you are too.

In other news, I have made several sore attempts at a post. But, as you probably well know after many vain visits to my blog with no new posts recently, it's resulted in nothing more than a draft. I hate drafts. I need to dust out my drafts folder and polish up some posts. Or, maybe I don't need to. I have had such controversial topics on my mind lately that I fear if I let them spill anywhere near here, I would cease any and all future blog moments. So, I digress.

I blog best when I'm glad, sad, mad or bad. But, if I'm all four at once, I do not blog well at all. Not at all.

So, there you have it. I have been glad, sad, mad and bad lately. Don't ask about the bad. I'm really not that bad. As for the glad right now, that's really good. And the sad and mad are just, well, that: sad and mad.

The topics on my mind and the situations in my life right now leave me fired, wired and tired so I just don't have that 3 letter formula left over for blogging: N R G. (insert a couple E's and drop a Y on the end and you get the correct form of spelling.)

So, before you all feel as neglected as my pet guinea pig has lately, I just wanted to assure you that things will pick up here again. I was going to say soon but I can't promise anything. I just better reaquaint myself with a proper frame of mind before I embark on any topics at hand.

With that, I bid thee adieu while hoping for a more collected string of thoughts.


Anne said...

That was a really neat way to come up with a post... as to why you haven't posted:o).

Pat VE said...

George Younce, who was a bass singer in the Cathedrals group gave this quote (I was watching a DVD last Sat night of his--he's gone to be with the Lord) anyway, it caught my attention, "Jesus is the RIGHT for all your WRONGS" It is simple but food for thought. I have missed your blogs, but "there is a time for everything under heaven."

Jean said...

Never fear I don't think that Blogger ever cuts anyone off or dusts them out.

There are those times when the main place that we should be communicating is at the Throne of Grace. Don't forget that we have One who can interpret our groanings. The Lord speaks to us in many ways but mostly through the scriptures.

Christian Love,
A. Jean