Tuesday, October 23, 2007

12 Reasons Why I Love My Mother-In-Law

She likes to talk.

She likes to listen.

She never leaves me wondering what she's thinking.

She is a firstborn just like me.

She always has time for people.

She lends a hand and helps every chance she gets.

She likes to take my baby to her house just for fun.

She did a ton of my laundry.

She cleaned our house when we had to leave on an unexpected trip.

She made us a good supper tonight and brought it over.

She loves the Lord.

She raised my husband and he's a good man.


bonnie said...

sounds like you mother-in-law is a terrific woman!!

Britt said...

aw, that's what I need.... a mother in-law. Let me know if you find one for me since you can't share yours.

Anonymous said...

Took me some time to catch up on your last several posts, and enjoyed them all. And referring to a few posts back where you expounded on your son's unsanitary bathroom habits....just thought I'd tell you, if you ever do have success with that, let me know so I can try your methods for my 6, 11, and 12 year olds! Obviously body height doesn't have everything to do with it! :) Well thankfully it isn't dripping from the walls now, but ....uh...it's plenty of other places! Life with boys, I guess. The good part though, is that you can teach them to clean the bathroom themselves when they are as big as my oldest ones.

Anonymous said...

Oops, ,forgot to sign my name on that last one again. It's me, Joy...

Jean said...

The Lord has blessed you so much to have such a sweet helpful Mother-in-law so close at hand - I guess from your comments she must be in the general area instead of far away like your own Mother.