Friday, October 19, 2007

A Pointless Post

With everything going on at once and not much happening at the same time, it's just plain hard to blog.

Take for example this evening while holding my calm (not) placid (not) delicate (not) 15+ pound baby boy on my lap while trying to catch up online. He kept kicking me and finally, I realized his intention had never been to kick me but actually kick at my warm cup of decaf coffee. Ahhh! What a warm sensation coffee can bring when you consume it in more ways than one. Especially while wearing an offwhite shirt. Talk about a double whammy.

Both of my older kiddos have fevers and I myself am a tad under the weather. Just got the sniffles. It's not like a full blown cold or anything, just an annoying nose is all. Not a big deal except when your nose is dripping, the baby is screaming, the phone is ringing and supper is cooking and you can't find a kleenex.

As I sit here now, I can see Alex just past my screen laying on the floor flopping and rocking from side to side. He's turned himself like the hand of a clock in an attempt to change views, reach for toys and look at me. He has almost rolled over several times. It would take two flies zooming past his fat bottom to upset his balance enough and cause him to fully roll from his back to his tummy. But, so far, I only see one fly down there. He is so close to turning.

What is it with flies this year? We have them so bad in (yes, even in) our house that you'd think we lived on a pig farm. Everyone I talk to says they too have the same kind of problems with flies. Mealtime is the worse. I have decided to set the table with the usual mealtime utensils but also add a fly swatter.

Yuck! you say. I know, that would be gross to have a dirty fly swatter. But, I figure that's better than a husband who tries to kill them with his bare hands all through the meal. Not only does he try, but he usually succeeds. He is especially inspired to kill when he sees more than one fly in an area the size of his palm. Ewww. I know. That's what I say too. But, men will be men and no amount of germs will keep men from being men.

Yet with those same hands, my husband will clean up a puke covered little girl while I sit and gag and look the other direction. He is so brave. So, I guess I'm glad most men aren't afraid of germs.

Well, Alex has about decided that his time alone has come to an end. He needs his mother, the poor neglected child. He just loves to always be right with me. Which wouldn't be so hard if he didn't weigh almost 20 lbs. at 4 months old and knew how to kick coffee down my chest. He's talented. Oh, and he LOVES to go shopping. Seriously. He does. I wear him in my MobyWrap and he just peers out and grins away at people until he gets too tired and then droops his head and takes a little snooze. I wonder if I could try something like that with my husband in order to help him enjoy shopping.

This isn't much of an update but like I said, not much going on lately yet everything happening at once. Then again, that's kinda how life is around here lately.

So yeah, this is an update.


Pat VE said...

I just love it when young mothers blog. I can remember old ladies saying, "I just don't see how you do it" "It" lasts somewhere around 20 years and then you look at the next generation and say the same thing they did. It is kind of like if you're 2, you say "no". If you"re 3, you say "why" and if your aged, you say "I don't see how you do it. Somewhere in between there, you say "because I said so!".
About flies. If you live outside or on the edge of town near a livestock farm, they are terrible. In town, I found that when I was doing applesauce, they always found a way in. After my kids were old enough to know what to do, I put a bounty of a nickle on each fly killed. It was fun for them and allowed me to get some things done too. I do have a flyswatter that I would love to give you. It would enhance the decor of your table or house. Let me know when you're coming to town. I'd love to have you bring your little people. Pat

Pat VE said...

Got to thinking, a wonder which you will find more annoying--flies or whys. I have my guess. At least flies die or go dormant in the winter.

Jean said...

No cold weather & no frost - part of the reason that you are having so many flies.

Up this way one can purchase sticky fly tape that comes in a little cardboard canister like a film can. You attach the lead end of the sticky part to the ceiling and let the canister weight down the other end and it hangs above your head if you're not to tall. I don't know how Toby would make out he might have to dodge some of the time. The flies are attracted to these sticky tapes by the hoards.
Caution- girls riding on Daddy's shoulders need to be extra careful because if they get stuck to the sticky tape it is very difficult to dislodge them. ( I suppose it would be the same for boys). The incident in our family required hair cutting for a child who really didn't have much spare hair.

There is a verse that says "this to shall pass" keep it mind on certain days.

I think that Sis of mine is saying she might just happen to fit in the "old ladies" catagory - I'm not sure that I like that idea.

Pat VE said...

Jean fits in the old ladies category simply because she advocates fly tape. That is last century "tacknology".

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I love reading these blog post glimpses into your home. You make even difficult or annoying things sound so funny. I chuckled through the entire thing!

I have also enjoyed most of your other recent posts. I have just been too busy or lazy to comment.