Monday, October 29, 2007

Catastrophe # 5,874

If you persistently run out of hot water on bath night and you have a generous sized hot water heater that was inspected and deemed very functional, don't panic: you probably really don't need a new hot water heater just yet.

If you have two and three-year-olds in your house that are healthy, active and energetic and they enjoy playing in your basement - especially within the vicinity of the hot water heater, they are probably actually the problem. Especially if the shut off valve on the hot water heater is within 48 inches to the floor.

If you don't believe me, just go check your hot water heater.

Or you can come check mine.

Tip: check them before you attempt to use the shower.


Ron and Ginny said...

I'm thinking that if you look at the childhood stories of some of the greatest people down through history (although those stories are not available...) then you would probably find many such episodes in their little lives. Ask the Lord to give you much love and grace for these years and you will get your reward when they are grown. :-D

Pat VE said...

There is another benefit of this action that was brought to your mind. When the teenager (another few years) takes an endless shower, one can turn off the hot water supply to encourage them to get out. My father-in-law, whom I never knew, but heard to have lots of patience, used this on his daughter when she dawdled in the shower.

Jean said...

Teenagers, ah but they do enjoy their prolonged showers and YES other Fathers have used the same technique as PVE's Father-in-law.
There are two methods; turn off hot water only for a quick exit from the shower. Turn off all the water for an even quicker exit. If you should ever have more than one teenager in the house at the same time be prepared to have showering schedules.

My experience is that the boys took the longest.