Monday, September 17, 2007

Word Verification

I know how annoying Word Verification is so I will do my readers a favor and disable it. I hope the spammers don't get wind of this though. There is something freaky about going to your email inbox and finding 134 posts from commenters on your blog. Wow! I'm famous, is your first reaction. And then you find out it was some computer generated automated system that did that.

Word Verification keeps a blogger from having that despair.

But, then I hate it when I read a blog, go to comment and find I have to type in those "characters." Is that a 'g' or a '9' I'll wonder, and then hit enter and wait and then have to retype those 6 characters because I can't tell my numbers from my letters.

Now that I've disabled the annoyance for you readers, maybe that'll encourage some more comments on my blog?


Jean said...

I know my blogging is not as interesting as yours and I likely don't have as many "normal" readers but all the time I've been doing this ( a few months) I've only had one "spam" type message without having word verification - I am thankful. I hope everything works as well for you now that you are "word verification" free. It sure is quicker for the commenter if there are no silly characters to copy.

Have a good day.

BrittLeigh said...

This is an awesome site.


Anne said...

I enjoy reading your stories, especially the funny things your children say:o).

Hannah Michelle said...

I personally don't mind having to do word verification...thankfully my blog has me approve all first-time comments so that weeds out the spam pretty well.

Hehe...and I just noticed your creative listing of me in your blog links. "The Lef(t) Chi(c)k" - now that's something I'd NEVER thought of! I'm gonna remember that one!

Btw, the link might work better if you take out the extra "us" before the .us ;-)

Happy Weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Hi! I've never commented before, but I've been reading your blog for a little while! And - you know what?!? - I do NOT like word verification either! :-> Um to get back to your blog ... I do really enjoy reading your posts, so thanks for writing!

Coeur d'Court said...

thanks for the spam britt.

Coeur d'Court said...

and that's funny hannah michelle... I figured that was an old joke by now. Wow. It feels good to be original. :)

and thanks for the correction on your site name. I fixed it so it should work better now.

Love the comments everyone! I love it when lurkers de-lurk!