Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Game Day...

And I hate football. Okay, I know hate is a strong word so in other words, I detest and dislike and despise football. I mean really, what is so exciting about somebody catching or throwing a ball?

I live in “Husker” territory. For you college football fans, you know I’m not referring to somebody that works with corn but rather to the UNL football team. Today in the city of Lincoln, just a stone’s throw away from my doorstep is the game of the year being played. And what am I hoping? That “our” beloved team loses. My apologies to any Husker fans that may stumble on my blog. If you like the Huskers, you can put that on your blog. I dislike the Huskers and I’m putting that on my blog.

I found out recently from a friend that lives in Lincoln that he was really worried about the Huskers winning. Why? Vandalizing mobs break out when their team wins a victory. Weird way to celebrate, I know. It makes no sense to me either. And he lives in the heart of Lincoln. He was specifically worried about his 12 passenger van getting tipped over.

Today as I shopped and cruised around town, I was reminded again that today was Game Day by the see of red I saw everywhere. Husker Red. Everyone is wearing red; how dumb, I mused to myself.

Imagine my horror when I suddenly realized I happened to be wearing a red jacket today too. Totally Husker red. WHAT was I thinking this morning when I got dressed? You can tell I definitely didn't wake up with the game on my mind.


Pat VE said...

I am with you on hating football. The opposing team was also wearing RED. Red is a color to incite anger. At least that is what I have heard lately. Well, I had planned to go to ShopKo and Target yesterday, but as I was taking John to dialysis, I noticed that the ShopKo lot was full. I then and there decided not to go anywhere but to recycle and the grocery store. There were no crowds at the recycling station. The store was full. 7-month old twins came in the door with me, and before I got through the produce isle, I came across a 3-seat all-in-a-row stroller, with triplets. The rest of the store was full of jammed isles and some other big people besides me. I was glad to get home. By the way, I hate shopping at Target. It is because of the RED color and the awful parking lot. Does any other store have wedding or baby lists? Actually, I was going for a BD gift for one of 4 grandchildren with BD's in Oct. Have a good week. Don't come to Lincoln on game days. Pat VE

Tania said...

haha I totally agree. I even had a long talk on Friday night with my husband--Can you please not spend four hours of your night watching football. After all our house is small and the "noise" is unbearable and you have a long work week plus classes and we need family time. (-: Needless to say Saturday night was filled with Husker game noise and I held my tongue. (-;

Hannah Michelle said...

Haha! See, you just can't avoid being a Husker even when you want to. ;-) Today is game day for Ohio State, so I noticed a lot of people packing up to leave, guessed it, RED. :-) (Gray works too, but red seems the more popular pick.)