Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What I Belong To

So, I have a blog. Yeah, who doesn't these days? The only thing with my blog is that I have it; it doesn't have me.

And that's not an entirely bad thing when I already belong to this:
(insert picture of the hardworking man)

And this.
(insert picture of the rugged and adventerous young man)

And this.
(insert picture of child who continually lives life on the edge)

And this.
(insert picture of that baby who smiles well on camera but screams well off camera)

The lack of posts can be explained by the above or can be summed up in this:
(insert picture of super mom power)


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures, and love to read your posts when you DO get them written! I know what you mean...I well remember the days of "many babies" from foster care days. Keeps a person very well occupied. Fond memories though. Now I have more older kids than babies, and it's just a different kind of busy. Have a good day, and hope your baby is happy today!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to sign my name on previous comment. It's Joy

Rachel Marie said...

Oh, I love those pictures!!!
Esp. 'super mom power' one! :D
You're family is so beautiful!!!

Bethany said...

I agree with Rachel -- the super mom picture is great!

Knowing you are so busy with what you belong too, I so enjoy your posts when you do have time to put something together...

God bless you -- busy wife and mommy!

Kaylene said...

I love your perspective on blogging! Its just as it should be!