Friday, November 03, 2006

Some Kids...

"Landon, do you love Mommy?" I asked my charming little boy just after feeding him a sandwhich for lunch.

"Hmm, hmm..." he answered with a sweet smile through a bite of bread.

"Is Mommy your favorite?" I teasingly asked him thinking that since he loved me, he would surely like me enough to call me his favorite.

"No, Brinney is my favorite," he said, informing me of his heart's true love.

"Well, are you Mommy's boy?" I asked, hoping for at least some place in his heart.

"No, Daddy's my boy," he answered confidently and then he offered some more heart breaking information, "And Levi's my buddy."

"Landon," I made one last attempt. "Who am I?"

"Mommy," was his reply.

"I'm just Mommy?" I ask desperately.

"Yeah," he said and then grinned, "Don't be silly!"

I guess there are no places left in his little heart: I am just the Mom.


BrittLeigh said...

Awwwww, I'm Landon's favorite. Man, gotta go to your blog to find out what's going on around here! HUGS to Landon... my FAVORITE boy. Finally, I got some recognition in his mind ;).

Coeur d'Court said...

I was dying to tell you but I wanted to make it worth your trip to my blog so I didn't say anything. Aren't you proud of me for keeping a secret? Is that a good enough reason not to tell you?! Even now, I could be telling you this since you're sittiing about 3 feet from me but hey, what would be the fun of checking my comments if you already know what's there?!

BrittLeigh said...

Okay, well I guess the trip was worthwhile this time. Did I tell you I have a headache today? You should go get me some coffee since I've (so far) meticulously fixed 4 or 5 pieces of wheat bread and cream cheese for you. :D I guess I could just tell you that right now since we're however many feet apart at the moment. But, then again, why rob the fun of a blog comment? This way it's dual purpose.

PS! I think I'd go for chai.

Coeur d'Court said...

Commin' right up. Chai, that is.

BrittLeigh said...

Thanks for the chai, my dear!