Thursday, November 16, 2006

Do they allow dolphins in hospitals yet?

I've done a water birth before the but the thought of sharing it with a mammal of any kind is just not my style. I don't need a dolphin to divert my mind from the pain, thank you. This news clip is worth the read just for kicks...

Dolphins to help out in Underwater Childbirth in Israel

EILAT (AUG. 3) DPA - A school of dolphins will play a key role in a revolutionary childbirth technique to be pioneered in a Red Sea bay off the coast of Eilat in southern Israel, local press reports said Monday.

The project is the brainchild of French and British scientists who researched the therapeutic powers of dolphins and noticed their extraordinary cooperation when a baby dolphin is born.
Six British mothers-to-be were due to arrive in Israel in September, a month before their schedule delivery date, to test whether the dolphins will be as much help in human births.

The women are scheduled to swim daily in the Dolphin Reef to create a bond with the friendly sea-mammals. The birth will take place inside a special perspex tank underwater which will allow the women to touch and stroke the dolphins during labour in order to divert their minds from the pain.

The women will be accompanied by a full medical team which will also set up a highly sophisticated maternity hospital on the shore in case of complications, the Ma'ariv daily reported.

Also part of the entourage will be film and press crews from England where detailed coverage of the experiment is planned.

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Monica said...

Wow what an interesting way to have your baby! Not my style but to each his own.