Sunday, November 19, 2006

On Morning Sickness, Watermelon and Naked Juice

A good day yesterday made me think that maybe I might be normal again someday.
  • I took a shower and spent half the time just smelling the soap (usually, I hate the smell of any soap)
  • I got dressed AND fixed my hair all on the same day
  • I fried myself an egg for breakfast
  • I shopped at three different stores that sold food
  • I was away from home for all of 4 hours
  • I never had to take a nausea pill
  • I only brushed my teeth twice the whole day (usually it's a lot more than that)
  • I made Toby steak for supper and even seasoned it well myself
  • I sampled food and drinks at Sam's club
  • I didn't nap in the afternoon
  • I organized an entire food cupboard in my kitchen
  • I changed a wet diaper
  • I wore a maternity shirt just for fun
  • And I stayed up way too late

If you're wondering what I usually do on a 1st trimester pregnancy day, my schedule consists of simply eating, sleeping and being merry. Being merry is the most important because attitude is everything. Right?

I tried two new things yesterday that I think may have helped the nausea ease off: watermelon and Naked Red Machine juice. Both of those have something in them that's known to ease morning sickness. The 1 qt. juice jug alone has 2lbs. of fruit in it. And no preservatives or additives. It's like a delicious and nutritious home-made fruit smoothie in a bottle but without the mess. (Thanks Wissmanns for the tip on watermelon! I have to wonder if it indeed is miracle food.)

I also read in a pregnancy article that typically, morning sickness peaks in the 9th week. And that's right where I am. So, I have to wonder and have even let myself hope a little that perhaps I am seeing the end to this tunnel.


Hannah said...

Glad to hear that you found something to ease your morning sickness! Natural remedies are always the best=).
You are in my thoughts!

Orlando said...

Good girl. One day at a time, and you got through this day. Keep it up!

Bethany said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Yay for watermelon! :D

Acts 2:17-18 said...

Praise God!!! You sure have a hard time with morning sickness. We are glad you are getting relief. Sounds like Brittney might be coming home soon then,huh? And if ya want you can send some our Grandbabies with her. Now that sounds like a great idea!

Love you all!!!

hannah michelle said...

Great to know things are going better for you! I LOVE of my favorite foods on planet earth. Hmmm...maybe that will serve me well when it comes to being pregnant someday. LOL

Shikha PCD said...

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