Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kid Klips

Landon One Liners...

"Dad, does God have a Bible?"

"If Landon died, God could just make another one."

"Have a good later!"

The Way To A Man's Stomach
I had just given Landon some prune juice. After he gulped down a few swallows he came over to me. "Hey Mom, look in my stomach," Landon said as he opened his mouth wide, "See my prune juice?"

The Universal Headache"
I have a headache," Landon moaned from his car seat after church one Sunday. "Where's your headache, Landon?" I asked him. His response? "In my 'froat.' "


Jean said...

Well, thr 'froat' is almost part of the head.

Good quotable quotes.

Rachel Marie said...

Once again, those were great! :D Thanks for sharing the laughs!

I love that "Have a good later!"
I oughta' try it sometime! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Valerie's mom here--When she was little, she once told me she had a headache and needed a cough drop. Pat

MamaJ said...

Just visited your site. Your Landon sounds a lot like my Xavier, too funny. I have to keep a pen and paper handy for the next hilarious comment! Have a great day!