Saturday, July 07, 2007

Landon Lines

A No Brainer
After asking me if he could sit on my lap while I was still pregnant, Landon struggled to get comfortable. First he leaned back into my chest but his back had to arch backwards over my big belly and that didn't feel good for him. So he tried a few other wiggles and still nothing was very relaxing for him. Finally, he slid off my lap and sat next to me in the chair, defeated. He tucked his blanket around his legs and simply said, "I don't fit."

The Bogey Man
While walking to the park one evening, Landon pushed an empty doll stroller. I commented to him that his stroller was empty. He didn't seem to think it was. So I asked who was in his stroller. "The bogey man," he calmly replied.

3 Year Old Theology
After hearing that Landon had been in a discussion with Grandma about talking to God, Toby questioned Landon on his thoughts on this matter.

Daddy: Does God talk?

Landon: Yeah.

Daddy: How does He talk?

Landon: Normal.

Daddy: What does He say?

Landon: Obey God.

The Bug Hunter
Before letting Landon out the door to play one morning, he made an interesting request.

"Mom," he said, getting my attention. "Can I shoot bugs?"

Confused by his very intent request I asked him how he'd do that.

"With that thing," he said, pointing at the fly swatter hanging in the stair way.


HeidiSGF said...

Those are always so cute! :D Keep 'em coming!

Rachel Marie said...

They all really gave me the laughs... thank you! ;)