Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kid Klips

Where Babies Come From

A friend of ours who is a dad of all girls asked Landon if he could take baby Alex home with him since he didn't have any little boys of his own.

Referring to the man's wife, Landon answered frankly, "No, Julie should get a big belly."

Church Issues

I overheard Landon having a conversation with one of the preachers from our church...

"Do you go to our church?" Landon asked him.

Reoccurring Big Bellies

When Landon heard a friend of ours is expecting her sixth child, he responded astoundingly, "Sarah's going to have a big belly AGAIN??"

The Best Conversation Starter

While sitting around the table eating dessert, Landon started making conversation with my friend Janelle. Landon began filling her in on some family details... about "mommy pushing her baby out..." and other such important topics. Out of the blue he asked her (referring to Janelle's own baby), "So, did you push your baby out?" (Ironically enough, she had a c-section.)

Needless to say, we interjected some parental distraction and saved our friend at least some embarrassment.

Forget The Dishwasher

During dinner one day, I noticed Landon vigorously wiping his silverware with his napkin.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Cleaning my fork," he replied.

"Why are you cleaning your fork?" I wondered.

"Because it's dirty," he informed me.

That statement was followed with him getting up and attempting to put his silverware away.

Where I Live

"Hey Mom," Landon said, getting my attention, "are we living by the neighbor's house?"


Rachel Marie said...

Oh! Those were so much fun!!!


Thanks for sharing the laughs!

Melissa said...

HA! I love that last one about living by the neighbor's house! Thanks for sharing the cute things your little ones say and do! I can hardly wait until my little guy starts talking and saying funny things.