Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why Apples And Little Boys Are Fun

Bright and early Saturday morning, three little boys and their little sister came over. I had 6 children age 4 and under. I couldn't believe how MUCH I got done that morning... swept and mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed the entire living area, picked up everything and got the apples dehydrating. All the kids played so well.

By far, the most stretching thing for me that morning was answering the question why...

"Why are you putting the apples in that thing?"

"Why aren't the apples done yet?"

"Why won't the apples be done before supper time?"

"Why are those oranges (lemons) in that bowl of water?"

"Why do you put the apples in that water with the oranges (lemons)?"

"Why don't you have more apples in your fridge?"

"Why can't we eat the apples now?"

And the questions continued...

"How did you get all your stuff in this house?"

"Why do people live together that aren't married?"

"Why is Janae still sleeping?"

"Why can't we be here for lunch?"

"Why doesn't this tractor have a trailer?"

"Why are you going to have lunch with Toby later?"

"Why do you live in this house now?"

"Why is your swing set broke?"

"Why does Landon have his own keys?"

Lily was always smiley and happy as she crawled around the house and played with toys. Her favorite word is "Eeesh." I'm surprised she doesn't say why yet with as much as she probably hears it in a day.

The apples are done!

But don't tell Toby where they are. When I finished up the first batch, I brought him the bowl to show him my finished project and let him sample one. As I walked away and put the lid on, he said, "Hey, what are you doing with those?" As if I was supposed to leave them at his desk like I would a bowl of popcorn.

It was a fun and productive day and I got a taste of what life would be like if I had 6 kids right now. :)


Hannah Michelle said...

Cute...I can't believe you managed all that with so many little ones. All those questions remind me of a song that the von Trapp children sing, where the little boy goes "Why Oh Why Oh Whyo?!" and the girl answers "Because, because, because." haha. :-)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, btw. I always appreciate you taking the time. ((hugs))

The Ulmer Family said...

What a great post!!!! I love how little childrens' minds are always so full of questions!!!

Monica said...

Oh that's cute.

BrittLeigh said...

Why is still the main part of their vocabulary, huh? How well I remember... ;) They're so cute! I wish I could've been there. Those why questions are always hilarious!

aw, the last 3 letters in word verification is cjn ;)

Anonymous said...

would be fun would it not
remember whys' are the gate ways to all kid know