Thursday, August 10, 2006

A True Stay At Home Mom

The longer I stay a mom, the more I notice a common career minded concept of mothering in many mothers. Even the most SAHM (stay at home mom) believing mom, can still own this thwarted perspective on mothering. I know that sounds harsh but I've seen it over and over unfortunately.

Here's a brief synopsis of my findings...

A SAHM can believe strongly on a woman not having a job but yet that same mom can run her home like a office manager.

A SAHM can have all the good intentions of being a homeschooling mom and maybe even instill brilliant heights of knowledge in her children's minds yet the last thing that child ever enjoys is school.

A SAHM can be thoughtfully concerned about her children's health enough to spend countless hours at the doctor's office and spend untold numbers of bills towards her child's health yet never would she "attend herself to know wisdom" in the area of at home pediatric health.

A SAHM can provide countless toys and fancy artifacts for the playroom yet hardly allow any of the toys to get out of order nor would she care to enjoy one minute playing with her children.

A SAHM can drive her household to order and beauty yet a little closer peak into the family's life would be one of chaos and dictating as to the constant upkeep on the earthly outward appearance of the "home."

A SAHM can thrive on schedules and projects yet overlook her children's individual needs to simple alone time with mom.

A SAHM can be degree-less, college-less and career-less, but yet still be away from her home and children as much as a career woman is.

A SAHM can fill her shelves with canning and other garden produce but yet never enjoy a quiet moment enjoying with her children the bounty from the works of her own hands.

A SAHM can dress her children in the finest and cleanest clothes but yet never think of the importance she needs to put effort towards in clothing her children's hearts with a spirit of Christ.

A SAHM can be very conscience of the cleanliness and order of her children's hygiene but never treat their hearts like the thirsty sponges they are.

A SAHM can provide countless hours of research and insight through a book or computer but never take the time to show the child the miracle of a tiny seed in the ground.

A SAHM can have a number of children but yet still live like a single girl with only her own well being and interests in life driving her.

A SAHM can even be a Christian and forget to pray daily for her husband and children.

A SAHM can do all wonderful things and still fail.

The reason she fails is tragic because she could easily do something to stop her failure. A SAHM is a stay at home mom. There is no way a SAHM can succeed unless she joyfully and tenderly embraces the joy of being exactly that: a stay at home mom.

A mom who stays home not just to avoid the mainstream mindset of career woman but a mom who stays home because she knows that no one but herself has been entrusted with the precious children she has.

A mom who stays home not just because she knows its right but a mom who takes her role seriously as a wife and who can thoroughly focus on her darling, handsome boss: her very own husband.

A mom who stays home not just to homeschool her kids but a mom that enjoys the thrill of watching her children learn and grow in the avenue of knowledge.

A mom who stays home not just to save money on daycare but rather one who daily invests into her children's lives her very own life.

A mom who stays home not just to be home but rather lives out the command of being a true keeper at home.

Unless a SAHM can live in such a way, she will fail and the loss she experiences over time will weigh her heavy when with whitened hair she reflects on her life. Too late will be that day.

A true SAHM that thrives in her role, has no regrets if she has learned this one thing: a SAHM is a stay at home mom not for herself or for her church or for her home or even for her own husband but rather for her children. That is a true SAHM who understands this.


Acts 2:17-18 said...

That was awesome! Great reminder for all of us moms and grammas too. As women, unfortunately, it is so easy for us to get deceived and thus, sidetracked in our calling. There a million noble things that seem to tug away at the heart of the mother but are really destractions to what is important, (I've been there, done that). :-(
Just recently, I met a sweet new mommy whose heart was so fixed on her hubby and her little 4 month old (very content) baby girl. Her (the mother) devotion was so pure and untainted by the world. Even though she was much younger then I , she was a great encouragement/inspiration to me.

May God give us grace to see how important our role is to our hubbys and our babies and grandbabies.

Keep on blogging on this topic! Very good!!!!

Love you!


Rachel said...

Great post!