Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Week In Pictures

The night before Britt left

Grandma Gail's birthday at Valentinos

The cousins and the youngest uncles sitting at the same time. A real Kodak moment. (Quick! Snap that picture!!)

To sick to even hold her own bottle...

What to do with all that hair! (this is very fast and easy -- if you do it during her bath.) This was taken AFTER her sickness; not during. (Incase you were worried.)

A perfect place to sit... Janae loves her grandpa Nels. :)


Bethany said...

I love all the pictures! I'm glad blogger finally let you upload them all. :D Thanks for sharing them!

Happymama said...

I love the picture of you and Brittney. God did not bless me with a sister, but if He had, I would hope that our relationship would have been as sweet and close as y'all's. It is very evident how much y'all love each other.

Your little girl looks so pitiful when she's sick. Glad she got to feeling better though.

And your husband looks just like his dad. LOL I wonder if Landon will too?


Coeur d'Court said...


Yes, I figured a trick out in getting pictures to post on here. I'm glad you enjoy the pics. :)


I am VERY blessed to have Britt for my sister. She has always been my best friend.

Janae looked entirely pathetic when she was sick. You could see her sickness in her eyes. I felt so bad for her.

Yes, Toby looks a lot like his father. So much so that the wedding picture we had of his parents set up on a picture table at our wedding, made some people wonder if Toby was married before. lol Not only do they look a lot alike but they act, talk and think alike. I love it! My mother in law tells me all the time what I have to look forward to years down the road. haha!

Thanks for the comments!