Monday, August 07, 2006

Tentative Curtains

I've been involved with many complicated things lately. One of which was pack up our entire house in one single U-Haul one morning and have it fully unloaded by that afternoon.

In the course of a week, my entire new house was unpacked, settled and decorated. I even had several curtains hung, blinds changed and walls scrubbed. I don't mean to overemphasis on my lofty achievements; I only intend to express the fact that I can actually do complicated things. Unfortunately though, all went perfect until I decided to do the bathroom curtains. From then, everything went down hill from there.

I went to a store called Walmart and browsed their fabric department. Maybe that was my first mistake, now that I think of it.

A perfect pale yellow fabric was selected as I concocted creative dreams and visions of the future curtains that fabric would make.

Upon arriving home, I wondered what crazy dreams had invaded my mind: the perfect pale yellow fabric entirely clashed with the golden cream yellow of my bathroom walls.

I went to another store called Walmart and returned the PPY fabric.

Back to their fabric selection I scurried in search of golden cream yellow fabric.

Three yards of GCY fabric were bought and away we sailed home. A quick color match in the bathroom told us that the time spent between Walmart and home, had somehow changed the color of the bathroom walls. The color was indeed a soft butter yellow.

I was beginning to wonder if the bathroom was infested with chameleons.

After that disappointment, we chucked the yellow fabric idea (whether it was butter, golden or soft) before the bathroom walls would happen to suddenly blaze a neon yellow while we were at another Walmart. A simple plain offwhite was decided on instead, just for the safety of our yellow walls. That would surely make things simpler -- especially since one of the windows in the bathroom was already tentatively furnished with a nice offwhite tie back style. I say "tentatively" because it seemed like everything that had to do with windows in my bathroom, had resulted in short lived.

We then headed back to the first Walmart.

Our fabric hunting yielded a perfect match and we were soon happy shoppers bounding home with our $2 a yard buy, blissful at the impending prospects our bargain was sure to bring.

The color match was perfect and soon the sewing machine purred contentedly while it stitched out a delightful curtain at last.

A banging and a pounding could be heard from the yellow bathroom (it was still soft butter yellow thankfully) as black metal scrolls were fastened to the walls to hold the scarf-like curtain. At last the final moment arrived for the curtain to adorn it's window.

Quite the happy procession marched into the bathroom as Britt and I made our way to the bare window. With the curtain at the forefront, we were anxiously anticipating the fruit of our labors. A swish and a fluff and suddenly, there our much coveted after curtain was smugly hanging on the window.

I'm not sure if either the window changed shape or if the bathroom simply is refusing a curtain. Either way, the bright curtain idea just isn't evolving into anything worth looking at.

And definitely not in anything that would allow a bather to feel private inside the bathroom. I knew when I first looked at the crazy thing that my practical minded husband would probably throw an extra towel over the window the first time he walked in. Not a good way to impress your husband with your sewing abilities...

"Hey honey, what's that thing hanging on the window?"

"Oh, just something the cat dragged in."


My next plans are a little more solid than just tentative: we'll put card board up in the windows and call it good. That sounds refreshingly functional. Maybe even pitch the existing windows and put siding up on the outside and drywall up inside. Make it a little more permanent that way and hopefully eliminate any tentative part that might be left if we used card board.

But, tomorrow will probably find me heading back to that Walmart store searching for another piece of fabric. The good news is that Walmart is less than a mile away. (But maybe that isn't such a good thing after all...)


Bethany said...

Aww....pour Courtney and her window! (or should I say, curtain?!) Isn't it strange that bathrooms in town would have windows?! Or house has that same problem. But keep up your creativity in solving your problem! Your decorating style is so cute.

Rachel said...

You have me ROFL!!!! I have done that SO MANY times, I've lost count. :) I always get grand ideas, but don't plan ahead enough and usually end up complicating the whole thing so much more.

Coeur d'Court said...

Thanks gals for your simpathies. Hopefully things will go better soon with these rediculous windows. :)

Andrea said...

Well, Courtney, if you need more practice, we've got SEVERAL curtainless windows in our house that would love a makeover! :D You're welcome anytime!!!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Windows should NOT be in bathrooms! We have one in our shower, which I think is completely lunatic. Fortunately it is an upstairs window, and there are a few nice trees outside. It still isn't perfect. I hope you get the right fabric!