Friday, May 25, 2007


imminent: adjective

ready to take place; especially :
hanging threateningly over one's head -

Describes the condition of a 36 week pregnant woman.

So many things are imminent.

A contraction is imminent. The threat of your water breaking is imminent. The onset of true labor is imminent. The arrival of your baby is imminent. And complete change to life as you know it is imminent.

Okay, so this could all happen sometime before 45 weeks are up... or 50 perhaps. But still, my baby's arrival is imminent no matter how you look at it.

Unless... has anybody ever stayed pregnant forever? That birth was always imminent, right? Whether it was 37 weeks or 50. Even 50 weeks is better than forever.

Being famous has it's pros but that's one thing I wouldn't want to be put in the Guinness Book of World Records for: Woman Who Stayed Pregnant Forever.

I like the concept of imminent so much better.

But then I realized... if only imminent guaranteed a deadline I could know about... If only imminent could be more exact... If only imminent could happen soon... If only imminent could get my baby here.

Imminent is only reactive to an event; imminent doesn't cause the event to take place.

If I stay pregnant forever, imminent does me no good. But it sure was a nice idea while it lasted.


Happymama said...

Awww(((Courtney))) I'm sorry that I giggled at your post. Been there, done that. Know how ya feel.
I wouldn't want to be famous for being pregnant forever either. Take heart, you won't be going in the Guiness Book of World Records. Not for being pregnant anyway.


Anonymous said...

Feeling for ya. As the above commentator said, been there, done that. And it doesn't make you feel any better when people say hang in there, either, but I guess I will say it anyway! While I was waiting in the hospital, my doctor said "one consolation is that no one stays preganant forever". And I was like Oh wow, thanks....cause I was beginning to wonder! BUT, of course he was right....eventually.
Joy A.

hannahgawin said...

I love you Snort.

Rachel said...

I just pulled up your blogpost with Alaythia standing at my elbow. She exclaimed, "Wow! She's fat! No wait...... That doesn't sound very good. Hmmm.... She's well along , then." :)

So we both send our warmest congrats on your wonderful 'well along', and our prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!!! We'll be eagerly watching for news!

Oh, and I love the pictures. You look beautiful!

Coeur d'Court said...

Thanks everybody. :) I know it's not forever but it starts to feel that way after awhile. And Alaythia's comment is hilarious... "along then." LOL I really liked the fat part, though. :)

Goldfish said...

Alaythia is so cute!! :) I'll be praying for a safe delivery!