Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update On Toby's Mom

I meant to do this sooner but we never really had any solid information on her health until recently.

I talked to Gail (Toby's mom) on the phone yesterday and she is doing remarkably better. The ending verdict was that she probably had a strain of Dengue Fever. No one else was getting sick with it at the time so that's another answer to prayer.

But, now his dad is starting to weaken in his health. He typically seems to have poor health when they're down there. He has had times of getting really ill for days. Please pray that he would remain in stable and sound health.

Thank you for all your prayers! It is such a joy to know that people our praying for our loved ones and mentioning their names before the throne of God.


Joy Andreasen said...

Hi Court, thanks for the comment. I love reading your blog too, but don't comment very often. Guess I am too lazy to sign in...I don't use this very often, I have to sit and think what my username is!
The Christmas decorations were so much fun this year. If you feel like I did last year, you simply don't have the motivation to get it all out...partly because you know you have to put it all away again! We got by with somewhat minimum decorations last year.
I got Jayna's hat at Ross... a chain store that sells close-outs. don't know if you have them up there or not. I was thrilled to find it; it covers the ears, but you don't have to tie it, which they hate! You're right about the's no use even combing it b4 you put the hat on!
Praying for Toby's parents...hope they are doing well by now.

Andrea said...

Glad to hear the good news about Toby's mom. I'll be praying for continuing and restored health!