Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Make It Simple

"Dear Heb-on-lee Vhatter... thank you for Mommy and Janae and for Mommy and Janae and for Daddy and Mommy and Janae and for Brinn-ey and Daddy and Mommy and for me and Janae and Brinn-ey and for me AMEN."

That may seem like a cute prayer Landon prays every night at the supper table. But, the other night while I was reflecting on the day and just the overall goodness of the Lord on my life, I found myself doing the same thing. I kept repeating people's names and finding every little thing about them to thank God for.

And then it struck me that Landon does the same thing. On his part, it could just be the fact that he's trying to cover all his bases and make sure he mentions everyone at the table. But, perhaps he's just overflowing with thankfulness to God for all the people in his life that mean so much to him.

Young children are content with just the simple things in life... an empty card board box, a piece of tape, an animal cracker, a short story read to them, Christmas lights, a smile, a tickle, a hug, a kiss and a moment just to talk to them.

The other day, I noticed Landon intently peering at the nativity scene I had just set up. He had his fist tightly wrapped around a small object and when I noticed baby Jesus was missing, I knew who the kidnapper was.

"Landon, open your hand," I asked.

He opened his hand, looked at the tiny glass object and pointed to it and asked, "What's THAT?"

I told him it was Baby Jesus as I carefully laid him back in the manger.

Landon proceeded to point at several of the figurines with the same question, "What's that? What's that?..."

He was enthralled by the set up and lights and animals and stables. When I told him it was for Christmas he said thoughtfully, "I want to go to that Chrissams."

I looked at the serene set up of the nativity scene, the rugged layout of the stable and the tiny baby in the manger and I could see how a young child would wish for such a place to go to. I felt sad that the particular "Chrissams" Landon asked for, is one I can't "bring" him to. If only!

I began to think about the simplicity of the first Christmas and how to a child, they find that appealing. I had to wonder why parents spend millions on new toys every year when the simple and loving side of Christmas is what every child craves.

Last night, Toby and I were perusing a store flyer. For babies under 2, there were more gadgets, toys, games, noise makers and strange looking objects than would be in a UFO advertisement. What would a baby ever do with all this stuff, I wondered.

Oddly enough, it seems that the more toys all the merchandisers come out with, the harder it is to find good quality and practical toys for children.

I thought I had heard everything until I heard about parents buying TV's for their 2 year old's bedroom. And then they had to get a plush child size recliner with the matching ottoman so their child could lounge in their room and watch TV with their feet up.

How I wish every child could know the joy of the simplicity of life and the joy of being simply loved. Especially at Chrissams time.


Valerie said...

Hi Courtney- thanks for saying hello on my blog! Your story about Landon's prayer is precious. I think he and my oldest must be similar in age. Our little girl consistently thanks God for things like "socks, and doors, and walls, and socks, and Mommy, (her eyes start roving around the room) and books, and blankies, and socks!" :)

Love, Valerie

Hannah said...

That is so true,there is so much junk out there!
So precious to hear those little ones pray=).

Love ya, Hannah

Coeur d'Court said...

That's too cute about Lael, Val... So funny how they "look" for things to pray about while they're praying. :)

Landon was born the beginning of March of 04. Can't believe how old he's getting already.

Hannah... I have to wonder what Hannah this is but nonetheless, glad you agreed with my post and feel the same way. :)

Bethany said...

So precious! We've had some little ones pray like that, too... The simplicity of little children is so precious!

Hannah Loewen said...

Sorry Courtney for not putting my last name on,I guess there are quite a few of Hannah's around=)

BrittLeigh said...

That child sounds German :D

Joy Andreasen said...

Yeah, I hope you try again with the pics, if you aren't using those! I'm almost tempted to try again too, but its too much hassle with this many people, so I guess I will have to be satisfied. You and Brittney always have such adorable pics of your kids...talk about photogenic!

Coeur d'Court said...

Yes Bethany, the simplicity of a child's prayer is so precious. A profound example to us big people who forget the importance of simplicity even in praying.

Hannah, I thought you were that Hannah. :)

My child is more German than he is anything else Britt. So he comes by it naturally. :)

Joy... my kids CAN be photogenic but when you get all of us in a picture and everyone is supposed to look at the same thing and smile at the same time... it can be catostrophic. I think we'll have to do a split Christmas pic this year -- Toby and I and then both of the kids. That seems to be the only way to make it work! Don't change your pics -- you guys all looked GREAT!