Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pain Is Such A Pain

I never thought pain could be such a pain. I mean, I never thought it would be such a pain to have pain.

Okay, I'm totally not making sense here. Sorry. I'm kinda a pain right now. I mean, I'm kinda in pain right now.

I've gone through two labors and deliveries with no meds or cheat codes. When I play a game, I play it to play it; not skip to the end.

Labor is by far the worst most horribly painful predicament any person can be in but delivery tops them all. Yet no matter how awful L&D are, it's still not that bad because you know there is a purpose for all that pain.

But, when you have pain and there is no obvious reason for it, you begin to wonder what is evolving in your body.

Once I had my first gallbladder attack just days after my first delivery and my first labor of my first child and that pain even topped L&D. Yet, once I knew what the pain was (a miniscule stone traveling merrily down a fine, narrow passage -- no biggie), what was causing it (pregnancy hormones and butter on my bread -- no biggie either) and that it indeed could end eventually (30 minutes tops), I braced myself and handled the pain like a brave, wounded, soldier.

And then the pain ended. It returned several times but it always ended. As long as it always ended, it didn't bother me as much as it would've had it not ended for once. That would've been bad.

It's weird how the onset of pain can come on us.

Like the other morning. I got out of bed and began to make my bed like I do every morning. Some mornings, Toby is there to make the bed with me but this particular morning, he happened to not be in the room. I think he likes to sneak out of bed before we partake in our solemn tradition of sacredly replacing wrinkled sheets and comforters with an attire that is more fitting and attractive on our bed. Toby always argues that there is no use in doing something that is just going to be redone at the end of the day. Though I agree that there may be some logic to his thinking, I counter-argue with the fact that laundry has the same predicament. With that said, he speechlessly and defeatedly makes his side of the bed.

So, like I was saying, I was making our bed one morning; nothing real exciting or excruciating. Suddenly I felt an ache in the lower right portion of my back.

I mused over my finding and attributed it to the fact that I was coming down with a bladder infection (sorry for having to include that disgusting fact but it really is a fact). I chalked it up to the fact that I had dealt with strikingly serious signs of a UTI all night and maybe I indeed did have a problem that needed to be treated.

Before I even got out of my room that morning, I knew I was in pain for a bad reason. By that evening, I was on the miracle pills prescribed by my doctor and totally pain free at last. It was wonderful to see the sky so blue and the grass so green again. Wait, I think it was dark out by then so I guess the sky wasn't exactly blue, but you know what I mean.

By the next evening, the pain had returned though not as intense. It has remained returned ever since and has increased in intensity at varying intervals. And I have no idea why or what is causing this.

So, this is the end of my pain story although the pain still has not ended. It's strange how the unknown makes things harder to understand. Even things like pain are increased when we don't know the reason for it. I've had headaches and stomachaches worse than this -- even backaches that were worse, but they always had a reason. This one leaves me clueless.

Well, this is a totally pointless post and probably quite a pain to come to by blog and see it updated only to have it end in such a painstaking way. I guess that's life though. You never know when something will end up being a pain!


Monica said...

Glad your not in any pain. I can't comment on your husbands site. I can't sign in as a different user like I do on yours.

Coeur d'Court said...


I think he has his set to "No Anonymous Posters" and therefore in order to post, you have to have an account with Blogspot. I think the reason it's set that way is because then you completely reduce your chance of getting spam on your blog.

As for my pain, I must've not written it right when I said that though my pain story ended, my pain has not ended yet. I go to the doc tomorrow to find out what's going on. I'm ready to feel healthy again!

Monica said...

I'm praying the pain goes away.

Okay I shall just have to be satisfied with reading his blog.

BrittLeigh said...

Hey Court, let me know what happens, will you? I've been thinking of you this morning and praying for your pain. I hope it goes away and you don't have to go the doctor. But if God sees fit to not answer that little detail, let me know what the doc says, will ya?

Rachel Marie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! How are you now?!

Creation Cause Blog said...

Hi there Coeur, We Had kids 1,2,3. They are 3,4,5 now. I know what it is like to have your hands full.