Tuesday, March 14, 2006

As A Mother Careth For Her Children

Janae was clumsily attempting to crawl towards me this afternoon but the loose legs of her outfit were keeping her from making full strides. I could tell she was getting frustrated with it even though she wasn't hollering. Yet.

She had almost made it to me when she really started getting tangled. Her sounds of relief were so cute as I reached down and put my hands out towards her.

But, she surprised me.

Instead of just stopping where she was and putting her hands out, she made one last attempt to close the distance between us.

I put my hands closer to her. Just inches from her face.

She was excited about the prospect of sitting on my lap and her happy grunts and bobbing head showed her anticipating. Still, she worked harder against what was holding her back. She began to trip and slip. But, she wouldn't lift her hands.

Finally, in order to keep her pretty little face from smashing into the floor because of the way she was tripping and slipping, I put my hands under her arms and pulled her up.

With squeals of delight and relief, she snuggled into my shoulder.

I wondered how many times as a child of God, do I do that to my Father. How may times do I try to fix my problems before I go back to Him? How many times do I try to prove to myself, others and God that I can do things myself?

But by His grace, I too would smash my pretty little face into things more vicious than a carpeted floor. Thankfully, He too reaches for me and covers me with His love.


Acts 2:17-18 said...

That was sooo good Courtney! Thanks for the reminder. God is so merciful and full of compassion and yet how easy it is for me to forget that and try to go it alone, without even realizing what I am doing... On the other side of things, I just wish it could have me picking up that wild-haired, adorable, cuddly baby of yours,... my grandbaby!!! What great fun babies are but to think that God sees us in the same way too. How He loves to embrace us with His love and with His strong arms, untangle our messed up lives.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

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