Monday, November 28, 2005

Are We Ready Yet?

Toby and I have been thinking about venturing into the possibilities of adding another addition to our already growing family. Our littlest baby is almost 8 months old already and the other baby is over 20 months so our time right now isn't as consumed with baby stuff like it was a few months ago. We're just not sure though if either of the kids are ready yet.

Or if we are, for that matter.

We've discussed the pros and cons, the ins and outs and all the perspectives of such a life changing decision and just haven't come up with a very conclusive conclusion. Neither a boy or girl would really matter although I do think that there's pros and cons with either. I guess that's where the pros and cons come in that we've discussed lately.

Since we've already had 2, it wouldn't really be a big adjustment if we do decide to go ahead with this possibility. Although, in a lot of ways I personally think that maybe we should wait since it could be quite a stress for all of us and would increase our responsibilities to yet more demands and duties. I'm sure it would be worth it in the long run with either choice we make. I suppose that means there would also be drawbacks with both decisions.

Since we had Landon and Janae so close together, that kind of effected a lot of our other plans. That year of taking care of Landon while being pregnant with Janae was pretty exhausting. I'm still trying to catch up from that. And then to add more on top of that just doesn't seem wise yet.

The last time I brought this up with my husband, he said he just didn't know. The time before that when I asked, he was researching possibilities, finances, health issues and alternatives. Since then, his conclusion is that we should wait until Landon is older (which also means that Janae will be older too) and see how we feel about it then.

I agree with the waiting choice.

But then one of us will bring it up out of the blue and we'll talk about it some more.

We do have the house. The yard. The ideal location. I am a stay at home mom and our finances wouldn't be effected that much. We just wonder if timing wouldn't be better if we waited.

There would be the added feedings, daily and night time care, bed, potty training, teaching lessons, playtime, baths, cuddles, etc. etc. And all would have to be covered and taken care of by the first 2 years.

Of course it would be a rewarding experience but still, are we ready for this again?

We've talked to other people about this; most encourage us to wait while others strongly urge us to go ahead. Bringing more people into this is just making this personal decision more complicated. Anyone have ideas?

Man, getting a dog is a big decision.



Anonymous said...

Good one, hon. I'm impressed with your story telling ability! Just don't try to pull one over on me in real life, ok?

the Husband

BrittLeigh said...

That was great, Court... But you didn't fool me. I knew from the first sentence you were talking about a dog. I know where you can get one for free. Actually 3 puppies for free, if you're interested. That would leave one for Landon, one for Janae, and one for you and Toby to share. Archie's the dad, and the neighbors are more than willing to part with the adorable things!

Let me know!


Andrea said...

Courney, you've got way too much of a sense of humor! :-)

BrittLeigh said...

Psst! Maybe it's way too much time on her hands :o).

LOL... Just picking on ya Court! I know you have hardly any time these days. Especially to email me promised pictures and stuff like that. Take your time! I don't care. I'm gonna have to come out and help you again, huh?

Love you dreadfully much, and miss you so bad I can't stand it.


Coeur d'Court said...

Yeah Britt... you were SUPPOSED to stay and help me. I have laundry scattered all over my upstairs and that carpet guy is coming in the MORNING. (of all times my darling husband had to schedule, it HAD to be in the morning...)

Alas, I shall work alone and brave the task on my own.

Can't wait to get the carpet though!

BrittLeigh said...

I feel sorry for you. I shoulda stayed. I wish I woulda!!!


Hannah said...

That's pretty good, Court. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

DO NOT GET A DOG! Hmph. Hannah said your blog was FUNNY.

Coeur d'Court said...

Don't worry... we won't be getting a dog for awhile. Why would it matter to you anyway? Are you planning on coming to visit us?;)

BrittLeigh said...

Hmmm... I wonder who that anonymous was, Court. I have a good guess, don't you?? :o)

I miss youah!!!