Monday, October 31, 2005

A Blog To Blog About

Now here's a good site to read on a rainy day, or a sunny day; cold day or even a hot day. In other words, anytime you want a good book to read, check out this site. It has lots of variety. You never know when the author is being spiritual, controversial, hyperbole, gossipy, friendly, naughty or just plain Britt.

A little history about the author...

she's a second born (that tells you a lot right there)
she likes to wear red socks
she takes long showers
she lives in a different state for half of the year
she was scared of July Fourth as a child
she's blonde but surprisingly isn't a blonde
she won't drive
she ran away from home once when my brother butchered a mean rooster
she's not married (she's not a rotten apple either)
she's not afraid to say no :)
she has a mean dog that attacks people (okay, one person)
she likes it when I clean out my closet
she has tons of money but has never had a job (she carries multiple $20 bills in her pocket at all times and hands them out to whoever asks for one)
she has multiple names (I'll spare you the list for now)
she's nice and has an interesting blog

Just getting her back for the one she did to me. :-P

(Our mother taught us not to fight when we were children so we had to learn how to get back at each other in other ways.)


BrittLeigh said...

Court. You're like totally embarrasing me. I think you're mean, but I won't say so because Mother dear always taught us not to fight. I should write a whole disclaimer for this. I can't believe your nerve. How did you ever come up with so much stuff to say about me? I think you did over-kill on getting even. I better figure out a way to balance the scales here before they overturn. :o)

Nope. You sure didn't ask for my permission.

Hannah said...

Hey Britt, can I have on of those $20 dollar bills?

BrittLeigh said...

LOL... You're all brats!

I do NOT have tons of money... I borrowed it all to Gabe... :o/ :o)

I think I'm all out of twenties by now :o). This is turning into more than an inside joke, Courtney Jayne! I thought it was mortifying when Gabe told his best friend about the twenties he got from me, and I was promptly asked to dole out a couple more. But to have it on the web!