Sunday, October 09, 2005

Big Toe

Last week I cut my toenails and got them all back in shape again. I finger-nail-polish-removal-ed them and now they're all nice and clean looking again. But I am experiencing so much pain despite the fact that they look so pretty. It must feel similar to having a "toe-job" done to them if there is such a thing. I guess if they can do a job to your nose, they could do one to your toes too.

Well, I had a job done to my toes -- a big one too.

The left side of my right foot's big toe is hosting the painful event. Anything to do with pain is now communing in my toe. It's become swollen, red, inflamed, irritated, infected, inormous, intouchable and intolerable to any pressure or compresses from other objects such as other people's feet, toys that make you trip and young children that like to come up to you and step on your feet.

Every time this toe gets bumped, it sends me through the roof. I think we're going to need a new roof before long. It's getting bumped more often than it's not.

I have a new irritation to having to be walked all over on. And if you don't understand, take about 5 steps in my shoes and you'll know what I mean.

Actually, I can't even wear shoes so don't worry if you thought I was going to make you walk in them because I don't have any on.

This morning when we were leaving for church, I slipped into my black Sunday heels and took a step away from the closet as you do when you've become fully prepared to leave. Suddenly, without realizing what was going on, my thoughtful leg kicked the shoe off as one would if they stepped into a rattlesnake nest and I heard it land some where across the room. The shoe was across the room, that is, not my leg. So much for Sunday shoes to wear on Sunday.

I then decided on a more comfortable brown suede leather pair that would be a bit more stretchy around the toe. That pair was quickly misseled towards the closet in much of the same manner as the dress shoes were. Forget shoes. I hunted for the nicest sandals I could find and carefully aimed my toe through the sandal and out the other end. It worked.

How beautiful are the feet that bring good news, not the shoes or footwear that the feet are in. I went to church with that message on my heart and protectively stood guard over my beautiful feet.

I know what the Bible means when it says that when one member suffers, the whole body suffers with it. I also know what it means when it talks about having a thorn in your flesh. This definitely feels like I have a thorn in my flesh.

Ironically enough, our church was having it's bi-annual foot washing service today. In defense of the fact that my invalid foot skipped out on the water, towel and bucket, I explained that the Bible doesn't say "feet" washing but rather foot washing.

Now I need to put my big toe to bed and hope that my size-12-shoed-husband's feet will stay away from my poor toe. Every where I go, there's people wanting to bump into my foot. And they usually do it with their feet. It's like my poor toe is getting picked on by all the other toes. I think it's a conspiracy among the toes.

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