Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Engaging Story

Once again, it is that time of year. Our engagement anniversary is tomorrow and since I tend to be a remember-significant-dates type of person, tomorrow is a significant date I remember.

A couple years ago, I collected our thoughts and "story" here. Since it all has stayed the same, I guess I figured utilizing the hyperlink system on blogger is probably the most efficient. Plus, none of those details have changed. Our story is timeless, of course.

Adding to the nostalgia this time of year brings, we just happen to be heading (for Thankgiving) to the place where we met. Loveland, Colorado is definitely the place to be when you fall in love.


Cheri said...

You are coming to CO?! I want to see you, Courtney!!!

Jean said...

I read your previous post to which you made the link - it was the first time I'd read it. I believe you have a very wise God given view of the dating/courtship part of ones life.

I wish for you and Toby many more happy years of married life.

pat ve said...

I don't recall reading your story of 2 years ago, but I fully agree with your explanation of the process. It is "God who works in us,both to will and to do of His good pleasure." His ways are far above our ways, as are also His thoughts. I smiled when you mentioned T. not remembering the date of your engagement. John always remembered the date we met, date we were engaged and also of our wedding. Oh yes, he always knew David's birthday, because there was a sequence of numbers for that first year and some time period. Funny thing--MANY years after our wedding, while looking through our wedding pictures, he said "your colors must have been yellow and white". Like duh?
I can truly attest to the fact that marriage to the right partner leads to deeper and deeper love for one another. I close with tears.

Tania said...

How funny I only know you through reading your blog, but we were in Ft. Collins, Colorado for the week of Thanksgiving- Just a few minutes away from you. My husbands family lives in Ft. Collins and that is where we met 10 years ago. (-: