Friday, September 12, 2008

To Everything There is a Season...

Last night, I sat holding my breath at this computer, daring myself to look between the fingers that had been plastered to my whitened face.

I never knew that clicking "Save Changes" could so dramatically effect a person.

I almost felt tears well up inside somewhere when it fully dawned on my that the old look was gone. Forever. :'(

I breathed short, shallow breaths.

I felt my heart beat in hard, fast thumps.

Had I just lost all the 478 posts that I had written over the last three years?

Nope. They were all there.

But there was something else there too... It worked! The template transfer actually worked!

I found myself squealing hysterically at 11:00 at night and jumping up and down in my seat while Toby called to me from his lonely bed (which wasn't entirely lonely: he did have a computer with him) and wondered what I was doing.

Coeur d' Court had a new look and it was BROWN and PINK!!!! (and when I came back today, it was still Brown and Pink! Yay for html code that doesn't change in your sleep...)

So, for those of you that are scratching your head wondering what in the world the above jabbering is about, I know that you read my blog on Bloglines or some other blog alert thingy. The fact that you are scratching your head right now and the eyebrows on your forehead are screwed up funny, proves you are one of those blog lines blog readers. (this blog is under security camera use, by the way. Just kidding.)

I have a special invitation just for you savvy readers that use a blog update program. Yes, because YOU made the effort to put me in your blog lines, I am giving back to your great cause. Please accept my invitation just this once to personally visit my page directly and tell me what you think of this new look.

(Now, about .... I highly recommend such programs because A) they're easy to set up and B) you never have to visit any of your favorite blogs wondering if they've updated it or not: your blog program notifies you when you log into your account. A great and excellent and convenient time saver. Visit and set up your own account. Or use another program/website that someone else has recommended to you and see if I care that you didn't take my number ONE recommendation of As long as you're saving time and spreading your metaphysical computer wings out a little more, I am pleased with your aspirations to blog savvyness whether you use or not.)


Laura said...

Haha... I got it immediately, because I didn't use bloglines this morning! Go me. :)

I love the new layout too - the brown and pink and polka dots! It's so adorable. Polka dots live on forever!


Ginny said...

Well, it is very nice, of course, but I really, really liked your picture background on the other one... :-/

I'm sure I can get used to this one. I understand the need for change. :-D

Other than that, it really is pretty. ;-)

Kate said...

Love the new look! :)

Anne said...

I'll confess... I use bloglines, so when I first started reading, I realized I had to click over to see your new *look*. It looks great, and you still have the old picture over on the side there:o).

Melissa said...

The new look is super-cute! It would be fun to see some recent pictures of your kiddos.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

The new look is beautiful. What a change from the old look! I guess I am seeing another side of your personality.

I know I haven't commented on your posts much lately, so let me take this opportunity to tell you HOW MUCH I have enjoyed them. They have been so funny and a riot to read. I have a new sympathy for my mom now too. She was the mower in our family when we were little, and the lawn mower didn't have an engine!

I loved reading about your sister's wedding! I am so happy for her, and when I pray for our solders I will keep your brother and new brother-in-law in mind.

God bless!

Melody Brubaker said...

I like the new look!

Ruth Ann said...

I love the new look! I am subscribed in Google Reader, but always click directly to your page, so immediately noticed the change, and love brown & pink, and poke-a-dots (have been a fan of them since I was little!)

Anonymous said...

I love the new look, though I wondered if I went to the right spot?? I don't use bloglines or anything else, just come now and then and see if anything new is up. I love reading your thoughts... Keep it up...