Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Magic, Mold and Markers

I really have no reason to blog today. No subject to talk about. Nothing to expound on.


I am still reeling from the stench of cleaning a disgusting, slimy, moldy, brown, black, gooey floor drain in the basement. While smelling the mouse pee wafting on the stale breeze in the basement. While stuffing 3 rotting mops (that sat too close to the fermenting drain) into a garbage pale with a cloud of flies swarming the air.

After pouring straight bleach on the drain and the floor near the vicinity of the drain and mentally complimenting my kids for their kindness to one another while I worked on such an awful job and thanking the Lord for such sweet children and thinking how wonderful it was going to be to have one of those "extra and unexpected jobs" done for the day.

Yeah, it was after all that, that I came upstairs for a few more cleaning supplies to find:

2 kids

A black magic marker

Art work


My hope chest. (the design resembled a gun. A very science fiction-post modern design.)

The white tray on Janae's doll high chair. (a 3-year-old's attempt at a star. It had about 6 cool points.)

A pale pink Little Tykes chair. (the design was similar to one of those activity book mazes and/or the way an electric stove's coil is shaped.)

Did you know they call it Permanent Black Magic Marker for a reason? I'm still trying to figure the magic part out because it was anything but magical. Definitely Permanent. Definitely Black. Definitely Markered. But definitely no Magic.


Sarah said...

Courtney- I think your kids some how passed on the naughty bug to our kids today - across the miles. They didn't get into the permenant marker but.. between them they managed to Draw ont eh wall in several spots down the stairs, rip sections out of a twin egg crate mattress, leave a paper on a the floor with marker on it for little brother to chew on thus getting marker all over his face, hands and onnie ( it is all still there 10hrs later), run outside while i was in the shower, umm.. thankfully I can't remember the rest. And two of them had the nerve to still refuse to nap and goofed off for several hours thus removing all possibility of their warn out mother ever getting that much needed nap.

all in all- I think your kids topped it though. Yikes.

well hope they have it out of the system for the rest of the week for your mental sake.

Lois Martin said...

Hey, no clue of it actually works... but heard it does... Melalueca's Sol-u-mel, is suppose to do the trick. My son decorated my new pure white tennis shoes, last fall... and nothing worked on that one!! I was not impressed to say the least, but I am still wearing them... Hope your week goes better!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,
It's me Angie from Montana. Just stopping by to check how you guys are doing. Sounds like you are busy! We are busy too. Owen is in 3rd grade and Logan is in 1st grade. I am the full time special education teacher K-12 at our school here in Savage. We stay plenty busy. Just wanted to say hi and I hope all is well. Angie

Sarah said...

I have some Sol-u-mel I think. If you want to give it a go. I am assuming that the MR Clean sponges most likely won't touch that one? Hope the rest of your week has gone better :)!!