Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pregnancy Poem

Here I sit alone,
Unheard as I grumble and groan
Retching desires inside my belly
Jiggling like liquidated jelly

The only companion near
Is a little thing so precious and dear
Only a pencil’s lead width wide
Safely in my bosom to hide

Oh dear, how can it truly be
This little thing so tender to me
Can’t even move or try to kick
Yet makes me feel so gross and sick

They say “this too will pass”
But time sure isn’t going fast
Each day anew confirms my fears:
Another day of morning sick years

I want to eat but it can’t be so
For food to me is a sickening foe
The smell of things within my nose
Torments me even when I doze

My fate shall not end in bliss
For even my hubby’s sweetest kiss
Nauseates my starving soul
Makes me dash to the porcelain bowl

I cannot smell or eat or drink
Or wash dishes in the sink
My little kids and darling man
Are tolerating me as best they can

Alas, all this woe will end
And soon my road will take a bend
To sunnier skies and banquets galore
Eating at last will be no chore!

But until my fate ends one day
I must remember to keep at bay
The feelings of pity that keep me low
And make my life seem full of woe

For really the truth must be told:
This sickness insures a definite hold
Of my little one to the vast warm womb
And shields against miscarriage doom

So, I must, I will, I have to get glad!
This sickening belly should not be sad
For soon the end will come with labor pains
And these early days will feel like summer rains!

cjn 8-15-04 7wks. pregnant

This was composed during my 7th week of pregnancy with Janae. I originally posted this on 11-03-06 during my 7th week of pregnancy with Alex. And to keep with that tradition, I'm posting it again during my 7th week of pregnancy with Baby #4. And not just for tradition's sake either. :)


Bethany said...

Awww...poor Courtney! I'm praying for you! And thanks for posting this poem...I read it aloud to Mommy -- we all so enjoy your creative writing style! :D So sweet.

Coeur d'Court said...

It's funny Bethany how one minute I'll feel GREAT and the next I'll be feeling sick. It's hard to plan anything when I'm like this but overall, I've been able to find ways to not be as sick as I was a few weeks ago. Thanks for praying for me! I really do appreciate it.

Kate said...

Oh how I know that feeling! Great way to put it into a masterpiece poem!! :) Hope it passes soon!

Kate said...

Oh how I know that feeling! Great way to put it into a masterpiece poem! Hope it passes soon!

Dawn said...

There is nothing in the world quite like nausea in pregnancy. It feels awful but at the same time it feels great. The consolation is that the vomiting is caused by all the pregnancy hormones sloshing around in the bloodstream which protects the pregnancy.
I am so impressed that you could write such a terrific poem about it. So insightful and sooo apposite.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you feel so yucky, but I'm happy for the new little life growing in you! Congratulations!

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