Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Have A Goodly Heritage

This morning while getting a cup of Chai in my house of sleeping children, I kept stumbling over a prized plastic semi truck. Not far from where the semi was parked, two green tractors and an empty trailer sat waiting for busy hands to put them back to work.

I made my way back to the office and passed a pink potty-trainable baby doll laying face down with it's bare rump in the air, a little blue sock, a play camera, a box of wipes and a turned-over step stool, all are symbols of my children's favorite hobbies.

I had to smile when I realized that even when my house is silent and my children are still tucked in their beds, I find proof of their lives all over my house even before they've started their days.

As I stepped across the kitchen to get a spoon for my drink, I went over the semi and past the trailers right through a field of bite size dehydrated watermelon pieces left over from last night's supper. I have to wonder sometimes if my children don't intentionally do such charming things just so I don't forget about them while they're in bed.

Each strewn toy and each drop of sticky watermelon juice on my kitchen floor are all precious tokens of the fact that my children are alive, strong and healthy. How thankful I am for the little proofs and testimonies of God's faithfulness in the health and well being of Landon and Janae's lives... even if I hav--- get to trip over semi trucks while fixing myself a cup of hot Chai in the
"The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage."
Psalm 16:6


Katie said...

Aren't children wonderful? Life would be so dull without them!
You paint wonderful pictures with your words. Keep it up! : )

Wholesome Works said...

You surely have a goodly heritage! :D

I enjoyed reading this post.