Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting Married And Settling Down

About the time you think that life is settling down, it suddenly lurches in a direction you've never gone before and you wonder why you ever assumed that some day you'd get married and settle down.

Well, I've gotten married but the settling down part just isn't happening.

But then I think of all the chaos around me in other's lives... the tragedies, the deaths, the broken relationships, the goodbyes, the worries, the health issues, the shattered dreams and I realize again that it's not what I'm doing in my life but Who's doing it. That's what replaces the longing I have for that-settled-down-life with an unchanging and ever abiding peace no matter what turns my life may take.

Seeing how hard some people do have it, I'm prompted to count my blessings.

My number one thanks of course is the assurance I have of heaven. To know I am loved by the Everlasting God leaves me eternally awed.

My number one "earthly" thanks is the sweet blessing of having such a wonderful husband. No matter what may happen in my day, I know that at the end when all my work is done, the day is gone and the night is late, I can go to a nice clean bed at night with the man that loves me and who works hard all day to provide for his family. Not only do I have him as a companion but in the presence of my beloved, I can sleep and rest. I think of that verse in Psalms, "He giveth His beloved sleep." How thankful I am that I can share that sleep from the Lord with my own beloved one.

Another number one thanks I have is for my children. The sweet reflection of innocency and admiration in their eyes when I greet them every morning is a blessing I could never describe. The joy of being a mom and of watching my young ones grow, gives me such pleasure. Their health, happiness and hilarious outlook on life, keeps me so full of joy and thanksgiving. Children truly are a blessing.

(It's hard to number my blessings so I think I'll just continue to number them all as number one.)

Besides the joy of being heaven bound, enjoying life as a wife, and living with the sweet little heritages I have from the Lord, I continue to be blessed by my family and friends. The blessing of having loved one around me encouraging, helping and praying for me, gives me such strength. How often I remember that a life without friends or loving people around me, would make a very sad and lonely time on earth. I continually am thankful for the people in my life.

So, having counted my blessings I am once again reminded that even though I'm moving from a 2000 sq. foot home and lots of storage to a 1344 sq. foot home and no storage, I will still have the same strong man to rest with every night. Even though my children will be packed in their rooms like sardines in a tin can, I will still be greeted by their sweet and admirable eyes every morning when I squeeze in to extract them from their beds. And though my life my take a pretty exciting turn right now with packing and moving, I know I can still have friends and family thinking about me.

No matter what turn my life may take, as long as I'm in the center of God's will, I know the Everlasting Hands will not let go of their hold.

And who ever said settling down was the fun part of "getting married and settling down" anyway?

Toby and I at the Bed and Breakfast birthday surprise he planned for me over the weekend. It was so fun and he made it so special -- including a dozen red roses waiting in our room.


BrittLeigh said...

I like those two little blessings running around too... The ones with the sweet reflection of innocency and admiration in their eyes. They're my blessings too! :)

Andrea said...

So true! I needed that reminder to stop and count my blessings. God is SO good to us in so many ways, it's easy to take these blessings for granted.

So, you found a house?? I'd love to hear more details - whether in a phone call, e-mail, or reply here. :-) It was great talking with you the other day!

Hannah Michelle said...

Aww, what a sweet, refreshing post, Courtney! Praise the Lord for the grace and joy He has given you!

Btw, that's a really *adorable* picture of you and Toby! Love it. ;-)