Monday, January 09, 2006

Our Christmas Picture

We took this picture for our second annual Christmas picture. It was probably one of 20 and the only good one. At least we got one good one though.

Our original pose was outside on the front porch but Landon was too distracted by being outside and both of them were getting too cold so it didn't turn out. Here's the best of that batch...

And finally, an unofficial Christmas Picture of Toby and I... (this was taken after Christmas though so that's why this one didn't come with our yearly Christmas mailing. We're all ready for next year.)


BrittLeigh said...

Sweet pictures! Thanks for posting them. They were fun to see, even though I'd already seen two of them ;o). Actually, I took one of them, didn't I? :o)

Cute kids.

Cute couple.

Love ya!

Rachel Marie said...

Awww... Court, you and Toby have a couple of very adorable children! They are so sweet-looking; I love all those pictures!=)