Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Resolution For New Years Resolutions

So, I haven't posted for a long time. Life for me has been busy, interesting and full. But, not the kind of busy-ness that's worth writing about. Of course, having two rambunctious and healthy kids makes for many interesting moments that are very worth writing about. Those moments are just usually so interesting and long that it doesn't leave one with any other moments for time to write about the interesting moments.

Just now, my 22 month old Landon keeps bringing me Double Stuf Oreo cookies for me to open so he can suck off the Double Stuf. I'm glad he brings them to me and doesn't do it himself because I can at least safely discard half of the cookie and that leaves only one sucked-on-half to be left for the carpet or some other unlucky receptacle.

(My key board is being peppered with black, cookie crumbs.)

As for New Years Resolutions, I decided to make only two New Years resolutions. And, no; one of them is not to keep my blog updated this year. (Although that is something I plan to do.)

Resolution #1 is that I would make NO New Years Resolutions and Resolution #2 is that I would live each day for itself and wouldn't be trying to attain to some lofty, far off goal that I made at the beginning of my previously untrodden year.

So far, I've kept both.

I think Janae has a few New Years Resolutions though. Number 1 would be to eat more food. Number 2, to communicate more and Number 3, to pull herself up next to furniture. I hope walking is also one of her New Years Resolutions but so far, we've seen no aspirations on her part for that goal. I think she's choosy about her New Years Resolutions just like her mother.

I believe Landon's New Years Resolution #1 is to talk more. At the end of every phrase we say, we here the last syllable echoed back. Many times he'll pronounce the actual word and you can see the connection being made in his little head as he says the word, repeats it, and then repeats it again and then for good measure, says it again and repeats it a few more times before saying it again...

"Hun, while I run up to do the laundry, can you feed the kids that banana?"

And before Toby can even say okay...





Or, "Janae, lets get in your walker."



"Fini, vaa-kr." (Fini is Janae's pet name. One of them.)


It's like having a little parrot in your house. Only this one doesn't spill bird seed but rather cookie crumbs.

Just now I'm seeing Janae recycle one of Landon's discarded cookie halfs and I'm hoping that the chocolate on her white sweater will wash out some day. She keeps happily grinning at me with a black mouth and a mushed up wad of sweetness in her fat fist.

Kids sure have been my focus lately. Just yesterday we babysat 1 niece and 2 nephews while their mother celebrated their birthday with their dad. It was busy and fun. Janae's cousin, Caden, is only 5 days her senior so 50% of the kids were under 2.

But, four-year-old Tierra by far passes them all up.

Being the busy little mother she is, I had to keep concentrated on her more than the other kids because she was more focused on them than I was. She was forever helping, holding and taking care the 3 kids younger than her.

After waking up from her own nap, she wanted to check on sleeping Landon. I was enjoying the peacefulness of having my boy sleeping in his safe little bed that I didn't want to risk his wakefulness by a little girl peering into his room just to make sure his was still sleeping.

I assured her he was fine and that we would hear him when he woke up.

"Oh, you have a thermometer in his room?"

"Yes, Tierra, there is a baby monitor upstairs," was my reassuring response.

But that wasn't enough because until he got up, she kept asking if he was okay and if maybe she should go check on him. She was the first one in his room when we heard his call at last.

Other than babysitting and avoiding New Years Resolutions, I've been sewing a few projects and keeping up on my laundry. It's weird how life can be so busy that it causes you to avoid your computer but when you actually sit down to write about your busy-ness, you can't remember what it was that kept you away for so long.

I guess it goes to show that when a cloud of busy-ness shrouds your life, it soon takes on an appearance of normalcy that you don't think twice about the 7th basket of laundry you washed or the 18th diaper you've changed in a day or the countless numbers of fingers you washed or the 25th milk spill you cleaned off the floor or the endless parade of owies and other such life threatening pains you kissed in a single hour.

The longer I sit here and think, the more I realize my life is too full and busy for even a list of New Years Resolutions. I mean, I wouldn't even have the chance to think about making that list let alone write it down.

And if I did make a list, I wouldn't be keeping my New Years Resolution #1.


BrittLeigh said...

You're doing great, Court! That's my kind of New Year's Resolutions. Personally, I get the impression that one of yours was NOT to stay updated on your blog. But that's okay. It would be nice to see those promised pictures though... ;o)

Keeping similar resolutions... ;o)

Coeur d'Court said...

No, I hope to keep updated more. Just not going to make that a NYR is all.


Hannah said...

Hey, Court, I like those resolutions too. Or should we call them ambitions? Anyhow, they sound very logical to me. I wonder how many millions of people make new goals of any sort and break them within the first few weeks or month. I have been known to be guilty of that. (Hannah clears her throat uncomfortably.)

BrittLeigh said...

I have a perfect solution to that, Hannah-dear...


That's simple... Just deal with the obvious.

One year Dad made a resolution not to water ski with only water ski. He kept it too.

Or if worse comes to worse...


BrittLeigh said...

Here's a good one:

May your troubles last as long as your new year's resolutions.

Sounds almost like an Irish blessing, eh?