Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Didn't Do It

When I started this blog, I knew I never wanted to write about politics here. There's enough blogs out there dedicated to politics that would convince a Demo to turn Repub and a Repub to turn Liber. I am not one of those blogs.

But today when I read the paper and also was on Google news, I had to comment on the whiney responses from a lot of the areas of government concerning hurricane Katrina.

"I didn't do it, HE did!"

"Nah-uh! He MADE me do it!"

"I was doing my job-it was his fault THAT happened..."

And on and on the chain goes. The Prez. blames the Feds. and they blame the mayor, and he blames the Prez... and... It's too bad we couldn't just sign it off as a terrorist act then we could all blame Osama.

I am beginning to wonder when someone will start blaming someone else that the hurricane even hit New Orleans. That has to be someone's fault too.

What's with it today when no one can just take the blame? What's wrong with saying, "I was wrong and I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" Or, why can't people realize that there was nothing more they could've done and we will all just have to live with the results of what happened?

I still keep going back to the fact that there were hundreds of school buses in N.O. that were wrecked in the flood: the mayor could've made it a mandatory evacuation BEFORE the hurricane and provided transportation for all those that had to stay behind because they had no other choice. I guess I'm blaming him now.

I read one report a few days ago that said, "more people would've left New Orleans before Katrina hit if only they could've found transportation for them and their pets."

Put a collar and leash on the dog and start walking then. I mean, come on! You will blame the government for not providing transportation for you and your PET? There were human lives at stake! People in danger! Children, babies, mothers, elderly, etc. All for the sake of a pet, you thought it would've been better to neglect American citizens and keep the pads of your dog's feet dry?

I know animals are nice and dogs are man's best friend but sometimes you have to say goodbye. Especially when it comes to choosing the life of a human or the life of an animal. That seems to be a no-brainer to me.

I forget that we live in a country that has killed millions of our own people and called it legal.

Why am I not surprised that he blames them and they blame him and he blames who-knows-who? People just don't think these days and our mouths speak words that never even pass through our brains. Maybe we just don't have brains anymore. Wonder who's fault that would be?

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