Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Polk-a-dot Painting Project

I love painting. I love polk-a-dots. And I love my kids. Not in that order (most days) but you know what I mean.

So one day I decided to combine all three.

And my kids were thrilled.

We laid newspaper on the floor to make it look like we were taking cautionary preventative measures and actually serious about only getting paint on the walls.

Then we put on paint clothes, selected some brushes and began to splash colorful and bright dots on our family room wall.

Amazingly, the paint only went from their little red cups, to their brushes, to the walls. I was very pleased with their "carefullness" and it made me realize that little projects like this, not only showed me what my kids were capable of being responsible for but also showed my kids what they could be trusted with when they can prove their responsibility.
Everyone had their designated circles. And I had the honors of cleaning up edges and reaching the high polk-a-dots.
The results were better than I expected, which was a good thing since I had my "I'm Blogging This" shirt on. It inspired me to make a blog post out of our project. And even more so since I love our polk-a-dot wall. But, my favorite part about it is that someday when my kids are old and they have kids of their own, they'll be able to say, "When I was a kid, my mom let me paint polk-a-dots on a wall in our house... what was she thinking?!"

It makes me smile every time I walk through our family room.

And not only does it look fun and happy, it was a fun and happy project to do. With my kids.

Yeah, I could've gotten it done twice as fast by myself without their "help." And maybe wouldn't have had to touch up so many spots.

But I wouldn't have the sweet memory of it had I crammed them off to their rooms and told them to not touch mommy's paint.

Polk-a-dots are supposed to be fun, right?! And these definitely were.

When I see the fun polk-a-dots dancing on our family room wall, I don't even think about the fact that I let my kindergartners get in close range to our new couch and brand new carpet with wet, live paint. Instead, the memories of our fun polk-a-dot project, are timeless. And sweet.

That's the way polk-a-dots are supposed to be. And raising kids is supposed to be that way too.


pat ve said...

The poka-dots are very cheerful. Your kids did a nice job and I certainly admire your self-control as you supervised it. Fun, fun, fun!

Kristi said...

That is absolutely precious!!!

Melody Brubaker said...

I love it!

Ranelle Del Belle said...

wow... very fun family room... awesome project to do WITH your children. I'm sure the memories will not be forgotten! Keep enjoying your children! :-)

.:blessedmommy:. said...

Love it! I admire how you recognized the opportunity and seized it...and loved the results!

Kate said...

That's wonderful! I bet they had a blast!

Simply Living said...

Love it... both the polk-a-dots and the fact you included your kids.:) Inspires me to include my kids in more not so kid friendly-but they love-to-do-it projects.

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