Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh Yeah... I Do Have a Blog

It just dawned on me that I pretty much never blog anymore. Never.

As I sit here typing, I can hear two small children helping themselves to Popsicles and crackers in the kitchen. Janae is teaching Alex how to say Popsicle... "Alex, say PAAAA," to which Alex says, "PAAAAA," and then Janae finishes with unintelligible syllables. She's quite the teacher.

Life is one crazy busy good thing. Death has been an ever present shadow on our lives this year and though it's easy to withdraw into morbidity and let yourself grow numb and cold to little things in life like breathing and health and things such as that, it's been a good reminder that life is precious. Each day is new. And God is good.

We've spent a lot of time on the road lately. By the time November is over, we will have spent 42+ hours in our van since October 23rd. That's not including the 36 hours we spent between July and August.

Though living out of a suitcase may not be as homey and predictable as living out of a dresser, we've enjoyed all the time spent with family and friends. And wouldn't trade it for anything.

School has been a rough thing to stay on top of -- the actual schoolwork part has gone very well but it's just getting it in and staying consistent that's been challenging. The kids love to learn and everything usually goes well until I get poked in the eye with the back end of a pencil. Or someone decides to compete in a letter-writing race with their sibling and turns out a bunch of squiggly lines that are supposed to be the letter 's'. Or Alex decides to cut the calender with a pair of scissors. Other than that, it's really good. I'd recommend homeschooling to everyone I know. (But, be sure and wear safety glasses though.)

So I guess this all just to say that I do still profess to be a blogger and just because I don't blog here much doesn't mean anything more than that I'm either riding on some long and distant interstate or doing school with the kids.


pat ve said...

It is good to see your post anyhow. You know about professors and possessors. I possess a blog, however rarely blog. Sounds like you've had lots of fun on your trips. Your days may be very flexible but you know what the core of your purpose is. I think you do well.
In case you don't get another blog in before Thanksgiving, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kate said...

Glad to see you posting! :) Now if we can just get that sister of yours to remember she has a blog! ;)

Gaspar said...

Good morning! I just read some of your postings and I think they're hillarious. Have you ever considered getting together with some like-minded people on here, gathering up some material, and posting it on a web site? I bet you'd get tons of visitors if the marketing was done properly. In any case, continue to post. It's good reading