Friday, April 17, 2009

Confessions of a Mom with Mono II

I am thinking of starting a "Moms with Mono" support group so that Moms with Mono will have a place to go for information and support on how to deal with Mono while being a Mom. Not that I think I have all the support or information that a Mom with Mono needs to cope with life but that's my point: I don't. I need a support group.

Of course, this support group would have to be located in a cyber sort of place since all Moms with Mono know how hard it is to get out of the house just to nab their two year old from the street just to get the mail so to have to GO someplace to get help for mono, would be a contradiction. I mean seriously, if you can GO to a "support group" while suffering with an infection in your body, you probably aren't feeling very sick. But with mono, you do feel sick. So you stay in your chair and surf for "Moms with Mono" support groups.

Me: Hi. My name is Courtney
Group: Hi Cooourtneeeey!
Me: It has been 2 days since I've had a fever.
Group: Yay!!! (cyber claps -- whatever those are)

I spend a lot of time in a soft chair with a warm laptop on my --you guessed it-- lap. I dream about laundry and lysoling my house and vacuuming 7 day old cookie crumbs and cleaning the toilet all while trying to slurp down coffee, which by the way, tastes disgusting now. And as I sit here, I realize I'm a changed woman: I don't like coffee anymore. This makes me sad and perpetual sadness always makes me depressed and depression always makes me crave a dark hole with a bowl of worms in it. And then I just want to eat dirt.

So I do mental exercises called TTB (Think The Best) and chant to myself, "think the best, think the best, think the best..." and such as and therefore. Rome wasn't built in a day so why should I get better in a day, right? I just worry that my java pot won't forgive me...

As I sit and rest and try to relax (yes, those are three very different things) I have learned a lot from reading, talking (phone) and more reading and deep thinking.

First off, just sitting doesn't cause a person to rest and simply sitting and resting doesn't cause a person to relax. You have to get rid of the kids set your mind to just stop thinking before you can relax and make your rest worth wasting time sitting over. (Yes, I thought long and hard over this paragraph.)

Now, for me to enjoy sitting and allowing my body to rest thus finding a way to relax, I have to feel somewhat productive. So I've taken up a few hobbies. Namely one called, Researching The Web On Any Topic That Interests You.

:: I have learned how to compost guinea pig manure and what cold compost means. Now to just be able to get out in the garden...

:: I have studied my Bible at lengths and in directions I haven't had the occasion to study in for a long, long time.

:: I have realized that my stove has not turned on in days, thus proving that the time I'd spend cooking, I'm spending resting... thanks to dear friends who have cared for us so well.

:: I have fallen asleep while laying on the deck in the sun; an invigorating nap experience. And no, I didn't over heat or become a lobster. Vitamin D is good for me, you see.

:: I have learned that sitting in one position in your recliner for 1 1/2 hours will make you feel like you just ate Thanksgiving dinner. Weird, I know.

:: I have learned a lot of stuff.

And now, slowly as I get my strength back, I enjoy the freedom to not be confined to my chair and laptop so much. I'm amazed at how good one feels when they don't have a constant fever. I am glad to see the callouses on my thumbs from opening the ibuprofen bottles are finally gone. And I don't feel the overwhelming "you'll never get better" feelings anymore either.

But, I have to say from one Mom with Mono to another Mom without Mono: enjoy each fun hour you spend playing with your kids at the park. Moms with Mono would give anything to not have to pay to spend time with their kids like that. My next milestone is just that. To stop paying for something I already spent hours in labor for: my kids.

I can tell I'm getting there. Watch out world...


pat ve said...

I read this post a LONG time ago. Never having had Mono, I didn't particularly have much to say in support or against that awful crud. I do hope you are feeling better by now. I had the opportunity of coming down with (nothing as bad as mono) fever, sore throat, runny and mattered eyes, ear infection, swollen glands in the neck and did I say fever, and then an oddball-diarrhea. It lasted one week and this is my first day of feeling fairly good. When you're sick, it feels like you NEVER will be well. At least it does to me. What have you done with your kiddos? Have you been super sleepy? Is it contagious? Like can Toby or the kids come down with it? Hope everything is turning around for the better.

Coeur d'Court said...

Pat --

So sorry to hear about your illness! I hope you really do get better and can get your strength back.

We are doing a LOT better now. Toby was able to take care of the kids and thankfully he never came down with what I had. What I had was not contagious, according to the doctor. Yes, I was very sleepy but didn't sleep well. It was a weird experience -- especially the 102 fevers. All I did was rest, rest, and more rest.

We are doing so much better though. The kids all had colds, sore throats and the flu. Toby had some type of sore throat and cold too. But, one day it all just changed and everyone got better. We are so thankful. :)

Thanks for the inquiry on our health and for the comment on my blog. :)

pat ve said...

Sure. I am sorry I didn't comment earlier or even send you a card. I had my first "back to normal" day yesterday and really do feel a whole lot better. Looking back you'll wonder how you ever got through that, and then the "Footprints in the Sand" poem will be crystal clear. "Jesus led me all the way." Hope you have a great weekend. ~Pat