Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Four Year Old's Email Account

The other morning shortly after Landon got up, he declared that he needed to check his email.

He was going to check his email.

He had to check his email.

He really needed to be on his email.

(Each space above identifies the part of the conversation where Landon's father explained in detail that Landon indeed did not have any email. None at all. There was no email for Landon to check. Basically, Landon had no email account.)

The younger Nelson insisted otherwise.

Later that day, I went to my computer to check it and found a whole newly designed home page.
Even my Google set up had changed.

New features.

A desktop weather program.


News feed.



Even a "How To" section about making wallets out of duct tape.

I'm thinking we need to teach our computer savvy son that actually checking your email isn't quite as much fun as what he did. Although, I am enjoying all these new found features on my computer now.

(Don't tell him I just said that.)


sydney said...

LOL! Sounds like you've got a genius and a computer geek on your hands...that's a good thing! Oh, too funny! ;-) Maybe he'll end up being like the boy in "War Games" the movie.

Ruth Ann said...

oh my! That IS funny! :)

You have a smart son. Have you ever wondered whether he'd grow up and be a scientist or inventor?