Friday, August 01, 2008

Family Planning

I have a new Family Planning method. I figured it out this morning and it really does work.

All families need plans and mine badly needed one this morning. So, since I AM the lawyer policeman executioner mom and I do have the ability to reign with an iron fist authority here, I made a plan.

After removing all the knives and sharp objects from the dish washer, I designated Landon to put dishes away empty the dishwasher. Alex helped played in the kitchen with him and I gated their community by... you guessed it: putting the gate up. They were safe, secure and out of trouble... as long as they didn't fight.

I delegated Janae to:
1: go potty
2: put underwear on
3: get dressed

Knowing my family was functioning around a plan and each member had assigned projects and jobs that would take them an "x" amount of time, I knew I had approximately 4.37 minutes to shower, put deodorant on and get dressed.

Sure enough, when I got done, Landon had all the dishes lined up on the counter ready to be put up in the cupboard, Janae was completed and topped off with a backwards jumper and Alex was happily dumping pantry items over the gate and into the dining room.

They were all happy, no one was fighting and work had actually been done in my absence!! I on the other hand, was showered, clean and dressed and enjoying the aroma of peace that rarely graces our mornings. A hot cup of coffee waited for me on the table.

I'm thinking Family Planning is something I should do more often.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan;)

shy said...

yeah i'm working on making my house more kid friendly that way. Everything seems too high or too big right now to have "help". Belle is much nicer to me if i make her some chores and call it play! grins

BrittLeigh said...

I bet you could even show us a picture of family planning!!!!

Jean said...

How old is Alex? He might be quite good at "rinsing dishes" with supervision.

Pele's Daughter said...

You have a great writing style. I saw your name on Willowcliffe's blog (we are friends) and thought I would check this out. I'll be back for more. God bless!

Deborah said...

Hi! My name is Deborah I met Britt and Hannah in May. You have a cute blog!